Letizia of Spain, revenge against her father-in-law Juan Carlos

Letizia di Spagna, la vendetta contro il suocero Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos called her "plebeian", now Letizia of Spain takes her revenge and prevents him from seeing her granddaughters, Leonor and Sofia

Letizia of Spain is allegedly taking revenge on her father-in-law, Juan Carlos, after years of abuse and mistreatment at the Court, due to her bourgeois origins. The marriage between the former journalist and Felipe was never fully accepted by his parents, but while Donna Sofia did not hide her hostile feelings towards her daughter-in-law, the former King seems to have acted behind the scenes.

To reveal the background of the Zarzuela Palace is the German magazine, Bunde, specializing in real matters. But let's proceed in order. According to rumors, Juan Carlos, now in voluntary exile in Abu Dhabi (watch the video above) after taking his leave with a letter from the country last August, used to call Letizia in a derogatory way "waitress", "plebeian", underlining everything his disapproval of his daughter-in-law. At the time Letizia, who was only the wife of the Crown Prince, could not help but suffer in silence.

But now things have definitely changed. Since 2014, when Juan Carlos stepped aside for the sake of the Monarchy, leaving the throne to his son Felipe, Letizia became Queen and she, with her husband of course, is in charge of the Palace, no one can afford to discredit her anymore. With the power games changed, the Sovereign can now savor her revenge against her gruff father-in-law who at 83 is increasingly weak and isolated, even physically distant from her country.

According to Bunde, Letizia's tools of revenge are her daughters, Leonor and Sofia, to whom the King Emeritus is particularly attached, as well as his wife.

On January 5, Juan Carlos turned 83 in exile. The birthday of the former King seemed an opportunity to put family relations back in order, so much so that there seems to have been a rapprochement between Letizia and the Queen Emeritus, Sofia of Greece, because – as mentioned – the relations between the two women are always been tense. The newfound understanding between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law seemed to be due to Juan Carlos, but perhaps it was so only in part, in the sense that, as claimed by the German magazine and the Spanish site Vanitas, the two found themselves united in distancing themselves from former Sovereign.

Juan Carlos found himself alone and in a foreign land to celebrate his birthday. With him was only his daughter Elena, the only one of the Royal Family to have joined him in Abu Dhabi. Neither Felipe nor Sofia of Greece went to him, to avoid being involved in the alleged corruption of which the King Emeritus has been accused. Letizia would never have moved from Madrid for him and above all, she seems to have done everything to cut off relations between her daughters and grandfather, a strategy that she had already adopted towards her mother-in-law. The last photo of Juan Carlos with his beloved grandchildren, Leonor and Sofia, dates back to 2018.

Spanish Royal Family

The Spanish Royal Family in 2018

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