Letizia of Spain seduces Andorra with her feather bustier and flexes her muscles

Letizia of Spain seduces Andorra with her feather bustier and flexes her muscles

Letizia di Spagna recycles the pink corset with ostrich feathers and leaves everyone breathless, thanks also to her sculpted muscles

Letizia di Spagna transforms the low cost look and enchants

Letizia of Spain is on a state trip to Andorra with her husband Felipe. This is the royal couple's first overseas tour since the outbreak of the pandemic. During the evening gala, the Queen took her breath away wearing the pink feather bustier again which highlighted the sculpted muscles.

After Massimo Dutti's red dress with which she began the journey and a private lunch at the seat of the government, Letizia of Spain seduced her at the Andorra Park Hotel where she dined with the Coprinces of Andorra. Once again, Felipe's wife preferred to recycle a successful outfit rather than show off new outfits.

For the formal occasion, Letizia has abandoned the sobriety of recent months and chose a very particular look that had already aroused a pleasant surprise when she wore it for the first time. In fact, abandoning the more traditional long or midi dresses, the Queen dared with a highly seductive garment.

It is a powder pink corset in a micro-pleated fabric, adorned with ostrich feathers on the square neckline, by the Spanish brand The 2nd Skin Co, which she wore for the first time in Oviedo in 2019. The bustier is currently still on sale priced at 680 euros and is available in other colors such as lilac, light blue and sea water.

To dampen the eccentricity of the bustier, Letizia combined it with a pair of classic black cigarette pants, long to the ankles. As accessories, the Queen chose her jewel shoes by Manolo Blahnik and a bag by Magrit. An extremely refined and chic suit that attracted everyone's attention, making the Queen the most admired woman of the evening.

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The look is indeed perfect for her. The corset highlights the wasp waist and above all reveals the sculpted muscles of the arms. As is well known, Donna Letizia is very attentive to the health of the body. In fact, she follows a healthy diet and undergoes daily training, rules that she also imposes on her daughters Leonor and Sofia. Speaking of Leonor, the Princess of Asturias participated on March 24, 2021 in her first engagement alone, without parents, at just 15 years old.

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Letizia of Spain

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