Letizia of Spain, skirt on sale at 40 euros and kimono shirt that we should all have

Letizia of Spain, skirt on sale at 40 euros and kimono shirt that we should all have

Letizia di Spagna proposes the same look of 2019: the asymmetrical skirt in Prince of Wales and the fabulous black kimono shirt

Letizia of Spain proposes the kimono shirt and skirt at 40 euros

New joint commitment for Letizia and Felipe of Spain who visited the Royal Tapestry Factory in Madrid, on the occasion of its 300th anniversary. The Queen dominated the scene with a great classic from her wardrobe, the asymmetrical skirt that is now on sale. But as always in Donna Letizia's looks, the touch of class lies in the choice of combinations.

In recent weeks, Felipe's wife has given us fantastic outfits, from the top with maxi sleeves for the concert in memory of the victims of terrorism to the reinterpretation of the houndstooth with wide leg trousers that are the trend of spring.

Letizia once again recycles the must-haves of her wardrobe. So, she wears again the gray-white Prince of Wales skirt, with an asymmetrical hem, signed by Massimo Dutti, which the magazine Hola! he defines the “Rania model” because it is very similar to the style of Rania of Jordan. Not surprisingly, the two Queens have a very similar taste.

The skirt in question has a long history. In fact, Donna Letizia wore it for the first time in 2019 at the Feria Internacional de Turismo-Fitur where she has always stood out for her sober and elegant outfits. Already at the time, the garment was sold in jump at half price, around 40 euros. Then he paired it with a white shirt with bib and pale leather shoes with braided straps.

Letizia, who is the Queen of recycling, then sported the Prince of Wales skirt several times, including at the third edition of the International Friendship Award, immediately after the trip to Korea and Japan. And it is on that occasion that the black kimono shirt, signed by Sandro Paris, makes its appearance. The same one that Felipe's wife wears during the event on March 16, demonstrating that it is a timeless and versatile garment that all of us should have in the wardrobe. The fact is that, after two years, Letizia proposes the same look, including details.

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As accessories this time Donna Letizia proposes the crocodile-print pumps, signed Manolo Blahnik, thin leather belt and the rigid handle bag by Nina Ricci, all strictly black.

The Queen chooses to gather her hair in a high bun, it is becoming her favorite hairstyle lately, to enhance the geometric earrings of Gold and Roses.

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