Letizia of Spain, spectacular look: plaid jacket and ballet flats

Letizia of Spain, spectacular look: plaid jacket and ballet flats

Letizia di Spagna recycles the checked blazer and ballet flats that never came out of the Palazzo and teaches us how to transform a banal look into a spectacular one

Letizia of Spain gives us another style lesson with one of her perfect working girl looks. And it shows us how to wear ballet flats with class.

The Queen returned to work at full capacity, after the forced break of almost two weeks due to the storm Filomena that raged over Spain. After meeting the strategic council for the "Women and engineering" project in which she recycled the oversize suit but with a disappointing combination, Letizia presented the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER) with a spectacular look that all of us should have in the wardrobe.

Therefore, Donna Letizia has redeemed herself with flying colors after falling into a style mistake that we would not have expected from one of the most refined sovereigns in Europe. Abandoned the dull shades of gray and beige that do not particularly suit them, Felipe's wife has returned to the more classic black. If he enchanted with the second-skin effect dress, the checkered blazer he wore for the business meeting is no exception.

As has been customary since September, Letizia opts for austerity in terms of style. So no new garments or eccentric accessories, but recycle Hugo Boss's black white checked blazer that we know is his favorite brand from his wardrobe, especially when it comes to daytime outfits. A jacket with a timeless and highly versatile cut and fabric.

The Queen combines it with a fitted t-shirt, also by Hugo Boss, and cigarette trousers, for a total black look that is a winning card. It is no coincidence that monochromatic outfits, especially black ones, are the favorites of those who know about fashion, a name above all Victoria Beckham. But Kate Middleton also prefers them, even if not black. In fact, according to the dress code of the British court, that color is reserved for mourning.

However, Letizia adds a detail that makes the whole look distinct within everyone's reach. In fact, she renounces her beloved high heels, opting for a pair of suede ballet flats, pointed, with bow, also signed by Hugo Boss. A real touch of class, which makes the whole more informal but without sacrificing that feminine allure that distinguishes it. In fact, it was no coincidence that the Sovereign preferred the dancers, much loved by her daughters Leonor and Sofia, rather than the moccasins that would have made her image more "masculine".

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Both the blazer and the ballet flats made their first appearance in Letizia's clothing last spring, during the lockdown. But today for the first time they left the Palazzo and the result is impeccable.

Letizia of Spain

Letizia of Spain

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