Letizia of Spain, the answer on Leonor's future that has frozen everyone

Letizia of Spain, the answer on Leonor's future that has frozen everyone

Letizia Ortiz is extremely attentive to the education of her daughters Leonor and Sofia, because she is well aware of their role. And he also proved it in Mallorca

Letizia of Spain, the Sofia accident and the support of her sister Leonor

'What do you want to be?'. Everyone, at least once in their life, has heard this question asked and, probably, they have also answered easily and with the most imaginative intentions. It was not the same, however, for Leonor, daughter of Letizia and Felipe VI of Spain.

Leonor, in fact, is the heir to the throne and, when her father is no longer King, she will become Queen. An enormous responsibility which, even now that he is only 14 years old, he feels the weight. It became evident in Mallorca, where the Royal Family is spending a few days.

Felipe, Letizia, Leonor and little Sofia, who recently got injured, visited a socio-educational center in the San Roca neighborhood, enjoying moments with a group of young boys. And, among them, a little girl managed to attract attention, doing what no one had ever dared to do: she asked Princess Leonor what her plans and plans for the future are.

An innocent question, also dictated by the sincere genuineness of the girl who asked it, who nevertheless received an answer that froze everyone. It was not the Princess who took the floor, but Letizia, who resolutely closed the matter in a few words:

He won't do what he wants, he will do what he has to.

One way, that of Letizia, to reaffirm the great responsibility of which her daughter is invested and the existence of an already written destiny. Felipe's wife, as is known, has always been very careful and scrupulous in the education given to Leonor and Sofia, precisely because she is well aware of the role they will play in the future and how much their behavior could affect the fate of the country and the Monarchy. .

In short, for Leonor duty comes first. The Throne, however, is still far away and, for now, the Princess will have to devote herself to studies. Moreover, during this summer, she will be able to get used to a life full of institutional commitments, like that of mother Letizia.

The Princess, in the coming days, will support Felipe during the events and meetings organized: the King and the Queen, in fact, have decided that, together with their daughters, they will spend the holidays allowing themselves little rest and continuing to listen to the needs of the Spanish people. Will Leonor be able to live up to expectations?

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