Letizia of Spain, the Christmas Eve dinner at the Zarzuela Palace

Letizia of Spain, the Christmas Eve dinner at the Zarzuela Palace

Christmas Eve dinner is a special moment for Letizia, who loves to offer diners' favorite dishes

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It will certainly be a less crowded Christmas than in previous years, but also for this eve at the Zarzuela Palace. In fact, Letizia di Spagna is ready to organize an unforgettable dinner, proposing some of the dishes most loved by her guests during the Christmas holidays.

In recent years, family members usually arrived at the Palace in the late afternoon of Christmas Eve, carrying gifts and packages to leave under the tree.

All gathered in the living room – where the fireplace is – the guests between a drink and an aperitif, will listen to King Felipe's message on TV, which is normally recorded in the morning or the day before in the afternoon.

Every Christmas Eve is different and the menu depends on the number and tastes of the diners: in fact, for Letizia it does not matter that dinner follows a specific menu, but that it can be a special moment for the family.

However, every year there is a dish that cannot be missed: it is the stuffed turkey. Cooked with liqueur and butter, it is stuffed with raisins, rennet apples, dried apricots and plums, and left to cook for hours and served on a tray with chives and glazed potatoes, as well as pomegranate grains or other red fruits, to recall the color of Christmas.

A lover of vegetables and healthy dishes, for Letizia di Spagna, vegetables can never be missing, served as an appetizer: sauteed vegetables, baby carrots or mini corn on the cob, peas, artichokes, asparagus tips, all cooked delicately and sautéed in an onion sauce .

Among the cold buffet appetizers, there is no shortage of smoked salmon with juniper with its toast, and more eggs with chopped chives, one of Ortiz's favorite dishes. At the Christmas Eve dinner, then there can be no Iberian ham from Jabugo, usually served with bread or foie and toast with various jams.

Finally, as a dessert, a tropical fruit salad is always served, with coffee, vanilla and chocolate ice cream. At the Palazzo you cannot miss the traditional nougat, accompanied by coffee and liqueurs. Queen Sofia also particularly loves sorbets and almond desserts, as they remind her of those made by monks in Greece, which is why Letizia always offers them during dinner on Christmas Eve.

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