Letizia of Spain, the confessions of her best friend

Letizia of Spain, the confessions of her best friend

Letizia of Spain has a great friend who has always remained with her over the years: the confessions of Sonsoles Ónega

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Letizia of Spain has a great friend, who has always remained close to her, despite the passage of time and the busy life of the Queen. Sonsoles Ónega has been linked to Ortiz since 1999: their paths crossed when they were both journalists and what began as a relationship between colleagues soon gave way to a great bond between the two, becoming accomplices, confidants and friends.

Although their paths diverged – when obviously Letizia left journalism immediately after announcing her engagement to the then Prince Felipe – their relationship has remained intact over time. “Nothing has changed in all these years,” the host told the Lecturas newspaper, making it clear that their friendship has been able to adapt to the new circumstances.

Sonsoles Ónega has always been very discreet about her friendship with the Queen of Spain, even if at times she has indulged in some considerations about her partner in adventure. Just a few weeks ago, in fact, the journalist was unable to hide her joy after positive news about Felipe VI's wife: after seeing a video commenting that Letizia is very popular among the Spaniards, the journalist assured: " Well, it was time. I'm not saying anything else ”.

It is not the first time that the Ónega publicly praises its institutional role. Ad Hola.com she confessed: “I think we have a great woman like Regina and I'm very proud of her. All his actions are flawless and exemplary ”.

For many years Sonsoles has been part of Letizia's family: their friendship is so solid and strong that she was also one of the witnesses chosen by the Queen for her marriage to Felipe. Their bond also appeared very strong during a public event a few years ago: Felipe and Letizia received the board of directors of the Madrid Press Association at the Zarzuela Palace, an event in which the complicity of the two friends was evident, with big smiles and knowing looks that had not escaped those present.

Then last year the journalist was inspired by her friend by choosing a much appreciated dress worn by Letizia in the previous months, so much so that on that occasion she was asked if it had been loaned to her by the Queen herself.

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