Letizia of Spain, the (future) Princess who overshadows her daughter Leonor

Letizia of Spain, the (future) Princess who overshadows her daughter Leonor

Louise Windsor, Queen Elizabeth’s favorite granddaughter, is preparing to become Princess, challenging the daughter of Letizia of Spain.

Who is the Countess of Wessex who steals the show from Kate Middleton

Her name is Louise Windsor, she is the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, daughter of Edward and Sophie of Wessex, granddaughter of Prince Charles and cousin of William and Harry. Lady Louise has just turned 18 (she was born on November 8, 2003) and is preparing to give Leonor a hard time, the eldest daughter of Letizia and Filippo of Spain.

Who is Louise Windsor: the title of Princess

Louise Windsor has just come of age, a very important milestone she shares with all girls her age. But for her it was an even more special birthday, as she will have to decide whether to take on the title of Princess.

The youngest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth is therefore called to outline her future life and her role at Court. In fact, according to the code dating back to 1917, the offspring of Her Majesty’s male children receive the title of Prince or Princess which entails the right to be called Her Royal Highnesses. While this passage does not happen for the heirs of the daughters of the Sovereign.

This is why Beatrice and Eugenia of York, Andrea’s daughters, are Princesses, while Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips, Anna’s sons, do not have this title.

Lady Louise, a difficult choice

Louise, as Edward’s heir, also has the right to acquire the title of Princess and therefore to have an active role in the Royal Family. Her parents, however, have decided to leave her the freedom to choose a life dedicated to the Court or to be a simple citizen. This is to give her as much a normal childhood as possible. Now 18, Lady Windsor is therefore called upon to choose her own destiny. His brother James, Viscount Severn, who is 13 today, will have to do the same.

A decision that is certainly not easy, especially due to the expectations that exist towards him. In fact, Louise was Prince Philip’s favorite granddaughter who bequeathed her carriages and horses to her.

Therefore, the sense of duty could push her to accept the role of Princess, with all the necessary duties and honors: tiaras, gala parties at the Palace but also a life in the service of the Crown without ever being able to be totally independent. On the other hand, the freedom of being a commoner who, however, has to do it on her own, rolling up her sleeves and going to look for a job. As did Meghan Markle and Harry.

Louise has already done some official duties, including a visit to The Wild Place Project at Bristol Zoo in 2019. Sixteenth in the succession to the throne, if she agrees to become Princess, she will be able to receive some patronage from the Queen, relieving her of some task. Also because without Philip, Meghan, Harry and Andrea, the work has multiplied for the remaining members of the Royal Family and Elizabeth begins at 95 years to give some signs of failure.

Louise Windsor as Princess Leonor

For the moment, however, Louise’s main task is to graduate, as her mother, the Countess of Wessex, has pointed out. Like Leonor of Spain, Lady Windsor is also completing her education at a prestigious college. He is currently studying English, history, politics and theater. And in its immediate future is the university.

If Louise accepts the life of the Court, it is likely that sometimes she will meet Leonor of Spain. Admittedly, Lady Windsor is very unlikely to ascend the throne, while Letizia of Spain’s daughter, former Princess of Asturias, is set to become Queen and her training in that sense started well before her English rival.

Louise Windsor

Louise Windsor

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