Letizia of Spain, the light blue shirt dress designs the body and reveals the lingerie

Letizia di Spagna is always splendid even if the shirt dress is too modest and enveloping enough to reveal the lingerie

Letizia of Spain tries again with the light blue shirt dress

Letizia of Spain resumes her work agenda by presenting herself at the inauguration of the exhibition Cuarenta años de amistad: Donaciones de la Fundación Amigos of the Prado Museum, in Madrid. The appointment became an opportunity to re-propose one of her favorite dresses: a light blue chemisier, signed by Pedro del Hierro.

Letizia of Spain therefore opted for one of her looks that she recycled most often. It is a dress with minimal lines, as is her style, which hides a secret. The first time the Queen wore it during a trip to Mozambique, many wondered if it was a two-piece or a one-piece suit. He had the correct answer is that it is a dress, more precisely a chemisier with long sleeves, a soft asymmetrical skirt, long to the calves and a fabric belt that creates that broken effect that at the time deceived many.

Corto blouse

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The dress of the Reina Letizia is signed Pedro del Hierro and is particularly appreciated by Her Majesty because it is very practical and fresh. And also the detail of the sash, draws the body by slimming it. Despite all its merits, this outfit has not been without criticism. In fact, the light blue color and the very simple lines make it look like an apron or in any case a little dress too poor for a public event of the Queen. And also the fabric has the small defect of being very adherent enough to make Her Majesty’s lingerie visible.

Indeed, Letizia has accustomed us to more refined yet sober outfits, like the little black bamboo fabric dress worn at the Retina ECO Awards ceremony complete with a white shirt and culottes. On the other hand, Donna Letizia has also been able to enhance this too modest shirt dress, wearing nude slingbacks in patent leather, with a stiletto heel, signed by Carolina Herrera. While as jewels he chose Bulgari hoop earrings.

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