Letizia of Spain: top-lingerie and wedges to meet Leonor's companions

Letizia of Spain: top-lingerie and wedges to meet Leonor's companions

Letizia of Spain reviews the companions of her daughter Leonor and shows up with a fantastic white suit and top-lingerie by Zara

Letizia of Spain, hooded top and white ARCO trousers

Letizia of Spain is back in public with her husband Felipe and daughters Leonor and Sofia. For the occasion, she chose an amazing white trouser suit, made ultra chic by the lingerie top she paired it with. And instead of heels, her beloved rope wedges made in Spain.

After seeing Reina Letizia on the Camino de Santiago wearing the Hugo Boss raincoat, lace-up shoes and culottes, Her Majesty returned to more formal outfits without giving up comfortable accessories. For events outside and in summer, basically it is allowed. And then the occasion allowed it, although the appointment was particularly significant for his eldest daughter, Leonor.

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Indeed, the Princess of Asturias has met her future college friends. Every year, the Spanish Royals offer an audience to the members of the United World College and this time they also wanted Leonor with them, who will attend the prestigious facility in Wales next September.

In order not to steal the show from the eldest daughter, Letizia again chose a recycled and inconspicuous look, but certainly successful. This is the white-cream suit, signed Hoss Intropia, composed of a long jacket with a single button, closed on the side to form a scarf effect, which he wears with the sleeves rolled up as is his custom, and a pair of soft trousers , long to the ankles. So after the total white look worn at ARCO, Donna Letizia again chooses a milky-colored outfit.

The suit dates back to 2018 when the Queen wore it on May 22 of that year during her trip to Haiti, then re-proposing it in 2019 and now she has made it more refined by combining it with a Zara lingerie top.

Ditching the heels, Letizia of Spain chooses her favorite summer shoes, espadrilles. In this case, opt for those with the powder pink wedge, model Alba6 by Macarena Shoes, at 70 euros. Finally, she embellishes her look with the rose gold and diamond earrings from the Crawler Skyline collection by Gold & Roses and, as usual, her Karen Hallam ring.

Leonor, on the other hand, wears a very pretty green dress decorated with white fern leaves, signed Mango, and also for her the espadrilles by Macarena, but obviously lower. Her sister Sofia sports a white dress with black and yellow decorations and broderie anglaise by Poete and pale ballet flats.

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Letizia and Felipe of Spain with their daughters Leonor and Sofia

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