Letizia of Spain transforms the amazing 169 euro dress: the slimming effect make-up

Letizia of Spain transforms the amazing 169 euro dress: the slimming effect make-up

Letizia of Spain leaves for Andorra and recycles Massimo Dutti's red dress but this time she puts on the belt and gets a perfect slimming effect

Letizia of Spain, low cost dress: vertiginous slit and wrong measurements

Letizia of Spain with her husband Felipe flew to Andorra for a two-day state trip. This is the royal couple's first official tour outside the border since the start of the pandemic. And His Majesty enchanted everyone by recycling the red dress of Massimo Dutti who is competing with Maxima of Holland.

The trip to Andorra is the eleventh overseas for Felipe and Letizia as Sovereigns and is particularly significant because it is the first time they have set foot outside Spain since the pandemic exploded in 2020, even though the Queen last December was only went to Honduras, but in that case it was a humanitarian visit.

Before boarding the plane that would take them to their destination, the Queen and her wife attended an official greeting ceremony at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport. Opportunity for Donna Letizia to show off one of her wonderful looks, always and in any case in the name of sobriety and nothing to do with the outfits of a few years ago when she was leaving for Cuba or Argentina where she challenged the style with style. 'then First Lady Juliana Awada.

This time Letizia prefers to leave with a dress that is already worn and relatively cheap, which she shares with Maxima from Holland. This is Massimo Dutti's dark red dress, from 169 euros, which he wore just a month ago on the occasion of his visit to the Concepción Arenal exhibition. La Pasión Humanista 1820-1893.

In February the look lost its magic because the volumes were too large for the small body of the Sovereign. Mindful of her mistakes, this time Letizia proposes it again with a high black leather belt that enhances her waist as a dress. Now the measurements are proportionate and the dress fits her perfectly, enhancing the figure for a perfect slimming effect.

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But Donna Letizia introduces another invisible change to her outfit that hides a deep secret gap. Last February, while walking, she was the victim of a risque accident that uncovered her legs beyond what they should. This time, in all likelihood, she expertly had part of the skirt sewn and so when a gust of wind tried to lift it, she was saved from embarrassment.

To complete Letizia's outfit, there are a new pair of red pumps, with a stiletto heel, by Magrit, her favorite footwear brand, and the clutch in the same color, by Reliquiae. Once again, as she often does lately, the Queen chooses to pull her hair up in a high bun.

The Sovereigns left the day after the first public engagement alone of the eldest daughter, Leonor. Their agenda in Andorra includes a visit to Casa de la Vall and a meeting in Comú.

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Letizia and Felipe of Spain

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