Letizia of Spain uncovers her shoulders with the bamboo sheath dress: to be fulfilled

Letizia di Spagna goes back to work and enchants with the little black bamboo dress that leaves the shoulders uncovered and shows her legs

Letizia di Spagna flawless even on vacation: the low cost look to imitate

Letizia of Spain resumed her work at the Court after the summer break. The first engagement is the first edition of the Retina ECO Awards and the Queen shows up with a little black dress that leaves her tanned shoulders uncovered, really mischievous and above all in favor of the environment.

After greeting her daughter Leonor, who left to attend an exclusive college in Wales, Letizia of Spain returns to everyday life and inaugurates her work agenda by participating in the delivery of the Retina ECO Awards, destined for the most deserving initiatives against the fight against climate change .

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Filed in caftans and string shoes, Reina Letizia shows up at the appointment with a sophisticated, tight-fitting black dress with a bardot neckline that leaves the shoulders uncovered, perfectly tanned. The sheath dress is from the Maria Malo brand that makes ecological garments. In fact, the dress worn by Her Majesty is made of bamboo fabric and costs 129 euros. This is a new purchase that expands Letizia's refined wardrobe.

As this was the first edition of the Awards, the look that Donna Letizia would have sported remained a mystery to the last. With the usual class that distinguishes her, the Queen has chosen a minimal but certainly effective outfit with that touch of seduction that does not hurt, between the bare shoulders and the slit of the skirt that highlights her toned legs.

Letizia is back from summer holidays in perfect shape, flat stomach, sculpted B-side, muscular arms. She looks almost too thin.

The dress chosen by the Queen is called Lovely Lolita and combines it with a pair of slingbacks by Carolina Herrera with a coordinated clutch by Magrit. As always, Letizia minimizes her jewels, allowing herself only the TOUS Jewelry branded gold leaf earrings, and of course the gift ring of her daughters, Leonor and Sofia, which she never takes off.

The hair is loose on the shoulders, combed with the parting in the middle and silver threads are increasingly evident, according to the style philosophy that she has chosen to undertake.

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Letizia of Spain

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