Letizia of Spain wins with the change of look: Persian dress and complete cape effect

Letizia di Spagna wears two memorable and recycled outfits: the green paisley print dress and the Zara effect suit which costs less than 90 euros

Letizia of Spain enchants with the look of 15 years ago

Letizia of Spain participates in the delivery of prizes for children's and children's literature and implements her recycling strategy, retrieving the green paisley patterned dress from her wardrobe and once again she is not mistaken. And then on top with the full Zara for less than 90 euros.

After wearing the tweed dress of 15 years ago, Letizia di Spagna continues with the style marked by austerity. But for the first cultural event he is content to brush up on a garment that dates back to 2018, demonstrating how it is always in trend.

It is a dress that has had a great success since its debut. Donna Letizia wore it with different accessories and on different occasions, demonstrating its extreme practicality and versatility. The dress in question, which could suit everyone, is signed by Sandro Paris: it has a woven V-neck, long sleeves, a midi skirt with micro pleats, much loved by the Queen. The personality of the garment is given by the fabric that plays with different shades of green. Similar to a foulard, it has a paisley print, that is a plant-shaped design of Persian origin, different from the more classic floral motif.

The Paris dress belongs to the spring / summer 2018 collection and at the time was sold for 295 euros. As usual, Letizia does not look at the seasons for which her dresses are created, she often wears autumn clothes in spring and vice versa. Again, debut with the Persian look in December 2018. Then he wore it in various public engagements, in April 2019 visiting a monastery and again in July 2020 in Navarre where he paired it with a pair of rope shoes, making it fresher and more informal.

For the delivery of the literary prizes, Donna Letizia chose the most sought-after accessories: the black bag with gold chain by Nina Ricci, also recycled, for 1,090 euros, and her iconic reptile-print pumps, by Manolo Blahnik. Her ultra-straight hair falls over her shoulders, letting you glimpse her tiny bamboo-shaped earrings. The only other jewel that he allows himself is the gold ring, a gift from his daughters Leonor and Sofia.

The next day Letizia of Spain amazes with another recycled look. Again focus on color with the red-orange suit, cape effect, by Zara, one of her favorite low cost brands.

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The Queen participates in the delivery of the Miguel de Cervantes Award 2020 for Spanish literature by presenting herself with the asymmetrical tunic and flared trousers with slit on the ankle of the Spanish brand. The suit costs € 89.90 and is ultra chic, so much so that Letizia wore it in 2019 on the occasion of the state visit to Argentina.

For the literary award she chose to combine it with clear Carolina Herrera slingbacks and a red clutch by Angel Schlesser. While the hair is collected in a high bun.

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Letizia of Spain

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