Letizia of Spain worried about Leonor and Sofia's return to school

Letizia, Juan Carlos announces farewell to Spain in a letter to King Felipe

In a few days, Leonor and Sofia will have to go back to school: apparently, Letizia is apprehensive

Letizia of Spain, all the tests that Sofia and Leonor faced this summer

Queen consort Letizia of Spain has recently returned to her daily commitments, after a long summer that is decidedly different from usual. Soon it will also be the turn of his daughters, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia: their holidays are about to end and they will have to go back to school. Their mom, however, appears to be very worried.

The moment is certainly not the best: recently, the scandal involving the King Emeritus Juan Carlos pushed Letizia and her husband Felipe to remove the girls from the spotlight, to protect them from the onslaught of the media. In addition, the health emergency that the country is facing requires the adoption of stringent safety measures for a safe return to school. But we know well that Ortiz is a woman who loves to have everything under control, and for this reason it seems she doesn't feel safe at all for her daughters.

As reported by the newspaper El Español, the mother of Leonor's classmate revealed that the principal of the Santa Maria de los Rosales school, which has been attended by the two girls for years, has already sent an email with the announcement of the start of the school year and another with all the information to return to the classroom safely. All this, apparently, was not enough to reassure Letizia who – according to the source of the Spanish newspaper – would prefer to keep her daughters at home a little longer.

But the Queen consort's agenda has already filled up again, after the short break she and King Felipe VI have enjoyed since their return from Mallorca. And in a few days Leonor and Sofia will start with lessons again: the eldest will begin on 11 September, while her sister is expected to return two days earlier. If Infanta Sofia can normally return to full-time class, it seems, however, that there will be important changes for Princess Leonor.

For those who are in the same year there is a semipresence mode of attendance: this means that the girls will study in class only partially, while some lessons will be followed from home. The doubt still remains about how the school days will be organized, the possibility of attending the canteen and the use of the many facilities that the private college makes available to its students.

Leonor thus prepares to face her most important school year, amid a thousand uncertainties: at the end, in fact, she will find herself faced with a fundamental choice that will mark her subsequent academic career. The school the Princess attends allows her pupils to choose between a scientific, artistic, humanistic or social science education.

The source who has already revealed the concerns of mother Letizia also confessed that the future Queen of Spain will probably have the opportunity to attend lessons from all four courses, so as to have the widest and most varied training possible.

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