Letizia Ortiz chooses a bold look, and it is immediately there for all to see!

Letizia Ortiz chooses a bold look, and it is immediately there for all to see!

Letizia Ortiz of Spain has found a new way to make people talk about herself, and as always through her look! The queen consort of Spain for a formal occasion has decided to show her abs through her dress!

The queen consort of Spain Letizia Ortiz is loved by many thanks to her elegant charm and her passion for fashion. She always wears elegant, feminine looks, which however show the trends of the moment. She always manages to find the right combination of formality and fashion in her looks. But sometimes even the queen of Spain falls into the style mistake! What happened? She wore the wrong dress!

Letizia Ortiz

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The members of the royal families have always been loved by fashion lovers because they give us pearls of style and elegance. Elegant, feminine dresses, delicate combinations and precious jewels. In short, we would all like to wear a royal look.

But it may happen that even the member of the royal family who is most hailed as a fashion icon can get the wrong look.

And this is exactly what happenedo: Letizia Ortiz queen of Spain wore the wrong dress during the wrong ceremony.

Let’s read all the events behind the Queen of Spain’s style gaffe together and discover the look together!

Letizia of Spain wears a cut-out dress that showed off her abs at World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day!

It has never been the case for a royal family figure to display abs on a formal occasion. Letizia Ortiz led the way, and she wore a cut-out dress!

Letizia Ortiz

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For the World Day of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Letizia Ortiz queen consort of Spain wore a dress that embodies the fashion news of 2022.

Specifically, it was a dress from the Valencian brand Cayro, fuchsia color, long sleeves, round neck, ankle length and cut-out cuts on the sides held together by a ring. Cost of the dress € 61.9.

In addition, the Queen of Spain has decided to combine the dress in question with a shoe with a cherry-colored sling back heel and a bag of the same color, signed Carolina Herrera.

Overall, Letizia Ortiz was elegant, composed and feminine. A true queen of fashion. We can’t wait for the queen to get the talk again with her next look! By the way, Letizia Ortiz protagonist of a fashion accident. Here’s what happened!

Letizia Ortiz

Photo from Instagram

Here ends the most fashionable style guide ever CheWoman which featured Letiza Ortiz queen of Spain and her cut-out dress!

See you next style guide! To not miss all the news in terms of fashion, society and much more!

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