Letizia Ortiz protagonist of a fashion accident! Here’s what happened!

Letizia Ortiz protagonist of a fashion accident!  Here's what happened!

The queen consort of Spain, Letizia Ortiz, is on everyone’s lips due to a fashion accident! What will ever happen? And how did the queen react? Let’s find out all the secrets about this CheDonna style guide!

All of us have stumbled upon a fashion accident at least once in our lives: trousers that tear at the seams, shirts that are too transparent or dresses with tags attached. All fairly common accidents, but when they happen they put us in a position of embarrassment! But one thing is certain: no one is immune from the fashion incident, not even the royals! In fact, the protagonist of this branded style guide CheWoman is the queen consort of Spain Letizia Ortiz, who was the protagonist of a recent fashion accident!

Letizia Ortiz

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We are now used to news about royal families and their outfits worn during various formal and non-formal ceremonies. Think for example of Kate Middleton: since the Duchess of Cambridge married Prince William, her style has become one of the most loved by fashion lovers, and if before we were surprised by the fact that she often wore low-cost brand clothes, now it is we consider it as a normal fashion act.

But when it comes to royal families, scandal, or fun, is always upon us. In fact, another member of the aristocracy was at the center of a gossip about fashion! Letizia Ortiz, Queen of Spain and wife of the King of Spain Philip VI was recently the protagonist of a “fashion incident” that made everyone smile!

Letizia Ortiz Queen of Spain wears the same low-cost dress as another guest during the 30th edition of the Royal Board on Disability Council!

If there is one thing that embarrasses us women at a party, it is wearing the same dress as someone else. But when it comes to royal families, what can be a fashion accident becomes gossip in an instant!

Letizia Ortiz

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The Queen of Spain Letizia Ortiz attended the 30th edition of the Royal Board on Disability Council, and during the award ceremony of Inmaculada Vivas Tesonprofessor of civil law at the University of Seville, the two women agreed to wear the same dress.

Specifically, the dress in question belongs to the brand Mango: a black and white midi dress with a belt at the waist, costing € 59.95 (on the Italian site of Mango).

The two women hugged each other and had a great laugh when they realized they were wearing the same dress. Sportsmanship and female solidarity! By the way, create your over 50 look with the right sneakers! For a casual chic style!

Letizia Ortiz

Photo from Mango Official Site

The license plate style guide ends here CheWoman which saw the queen of Spain Letizia Ortiz as the protagonist!

See you at the next style guide, to find out in real time all the news in terms of fashion, and more!

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