Let's celebrate lipstick, today is his day

Let's celebrate lipstick, today is his day

Today we celebrate our beauty ally more than ever

"If you are sad, if you have a love problem, wear make-up, put on red lipstick and stick on." Coco Chanel also said it and she was one of style who wanted to know.

Lipstick is a woman's best friend, after diamonds of course. So much to be the most sold cosmetic together with the foundation and to have a day entirely dedicated: today, July 29th, is the International Lipstick Day, the International Lipstick Day.

A day to celebrate the make-up that for almost five thousand years is the best beauty ally of all women: from the shades of red, symbol of seduction, to all the new nuances that recall the colors of the rainbow, lipstick never fails in the bag of the new generations.

A symbol of culture, status and personal style, the lipstick remains a crucial part of every makeup lover's collection. From Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth I, for centuries the lipstick colors our lips making them more daring, sexy and kiss-proof. However, over the years, numerous controversies have surrounded the lipstick. In 1770 the British parliament banned it calling it an attempt to deceive men into marriage, while in some quarters it was associated with witchcraft. It is also said that Sarah Bernhardt created a scandal by applying lipstick in public.

Lipstick, for many women, is not just an accessory but is something more intimate and profound. Its versatility makes it truly unique and peculiar. The different nuances, in fact, allow us to express our feelings and our mood. And let's face it: nothing completes an outfit like a pair of beautiful and bold lips.

Red, orange, peach, pink, matte or bright. For each her lipstick. Yesterday Today and Tomorrow. There is nothing that makes us feel more feminine than our heart lipstick.

Did you know that lipstick also has a therapeutic effect? In addition to illuminating the face and giving light to the eyes, lipstick improves mood. The red lipstick, in fact, is the best anti-depressant to lift the mood: a real remedy for a boost of self-confidence. So don't be shy and wear your favorite lipstick, now more than ever!

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