Levante, the style (cool and elegant) of the new X Factor judge

Levante, the style (cool and elegant) of the new X Factor judge

Levante, new X Factor judge, is not only a successful singer, but also a style teacher, with a cool look and gipsy inspiration

Source: Instagram

Cool, chic and never predictable: the style of Levante, the new X Factor judge, has conquered everyone. Thanks to its ability to dose eccentricity and elegance together, without falling into banality. Among his most used hashtags on social media is #levantegipsy which perfectly describes the soul and style of the Sicilian singer. In the Levant years she managed to combine her passion for music with that for fashion, expressing herself through songs and clothes.

The artist comes from a family of tailors and from an early age she learned from her grandmother and her mother, sewing clothes for Barbie first, then for herself. The first model? Jeans to which he had added a piece of fabric to widen them, in perfect gipsy style. Levante has an almost maniacal obsession for accessories, which he combines with great skill and uses to complete every outfit. He has a passion for hats, which he collects, choosing models with a wide brim, but also turbans. He also loves necklaces and rings, to wear one in each finger of the hand.

His secret? Add a personal touch and over the top to every look. For example, a necklace inspired by South America on a bon ton outfit. Not only that: the artist also has a lot of fun mixing stripes with paintings, elegant pieces with sporting ones, creating contrasts that capture attention.

Even when wearing Levante heels it is never a given. Her secret is socks, to be used with high shoes to make them more pleasant and less sexy. The mantra color is blue, a nuance that has the ability to be both elegant and sporty. No coincidence that Claudia Lagona (this is her real name) collects many garments in jeans, from short to skinny, through overalls and jackets.

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