Like this poem by Frida Kahlo. You deserve such love

Like this poem by Frida Kahlo. You deserve such love

"You deserve a love that wants you disheveled"

How many times have we tried to describe love. We borrowed the most beautiful songs, the words written by poets and philosophers, we chose icons and designs that we tattooed on the skin to remind us, that the most important feeling that moves the whole world is always with us, even when we lose it .

We cried tears of joy and sadness in front of the most romantic films, some of them without a happy ending, then pretending, with ease that after all, losing love is not so dramatic. We lied to ourselves and to others, because despite the shattered heart, we have never forgotten everything we have tried.

It took a while for us to give ourselves a second chance, to learn to let ourselves go again, after that terrible storm that swept everything away. Until then we understood that everything that was brought us here, to the moment when we learned to demand a strong, generous, sometimes even crazy, but always respectful love.

A love free of lies and deceptions, which is able to wipe out all fear and that brings light into our lives every day, the same that appears in the most beautiful dreams, those from which we never want to wake up. That love told in the words of that splendid poem written by Frida Kahlo, and which we dedicate to you today, so that these become a mantra, the pure and true essence of your love story.

You deserve a love that wants you disheveled, with everything and the reasons that make you get up quickly, with everything and the demons that don't let you sleep.
You deserve a love that makes you feel safe, able to eat the world when he walks next to you, who feels that your hugs are perfect for his skin.
You deserve a love that wants to dance with you, that you find paradise every time
look into your eyes, that you never get bored of reading your expressions.
You deserve a love that you listen to when you sing, that you lean when you are ridiculous, that you respect your free being, that you accompany yourself on your flight, that you are not afraid of falling.
You deserve a love that sweeps away the lies that dream, coffee and poetry bring you.

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