LILLYDOO diapers: the limited edition inspired by the magical North Pole

LILLYDOO diapers: the limited edition inspired by the magical North Pole

LILLYDOO, a German brand that has always been inspired by a Less is More philosophy, offers many products for the care and well-being of the child: diapers, wet wipes, changing towels and protective oils for sensitive and delicate skin.

LILLYDOO diapers, available in different lines and collections, take care of the baby’s skin and represent a choice of comfort and safety. Extra-soft, hypoallergenic and naturally fragrance-free, they are not tested on animals or contain harmful chemicals. Polar Night Collection is the new limited edition collection designed for the 2021 winter season. For its realization, LILLYDOO took inspiration from the evocative icy landscapes of the far North. Thus, a unique design is born that will make the nights of the little ones more fun and relaxing.

Polar Night Collection by LILLYDOO: a limited edition collection full of magic

“On a clear night, a polar bear cub wakes up in his warm den … he walks and climbs high on a snow mountain … he waits and the moon waits with him … the stars fall gently from the sky … it’s a rain of stars! “

The magic of the night and the dreamy atmospheres evoked in the lines of this Nordic fairy tale bring to mind enchanted adventures in the ice that inspired the new line of LILLYDOO diapers produced in a limited edition. It is a bedtime story that tells the adventure of a polar bear cub and his journey through an enchanted lunar landscape: the encounter with a cascade of stars, fascinating and unexpected, surrounded by the embrace of a silent and magical nature. . Starting from the suggestions of the North Pole, the brand creates the new Polar Night Collection inspired by winter themes and fantasies, which makes the moment of diaper change special and welcomes the baby in the serenity of night rest.

You can choose between two adorable new patterns: A Star Is Born and Ice To Meet You, designed to convey the magic of winter and wonderful snowy landscapes.

The A Star Is Born fantasy reproduces the constellations of the North Pole, where the nights shine in a unique way. Together with your child you can discover the constellations and use them as a starting point to tell bedtime stories. Ice To Meet You, on the other hand, reproduces a cute polar bear and the frozen landscape that surrounds it. Also in this case, just a scented candle, a light on and the diaper change turns into a further cuddle, as well as a unique moment to give vent to the imagination and tell wonderful stories. Perfect for little explorers!

In the new models, the delicate Arctic-themed decorative motifs combine with the quality that has always distinguished the brand: a product that confirms its strengths in hypoallergenicity, delicacy on the skin of the little ones and sustainable choices.

LILLYDOO: the best choice for your baby

Made of rigorously tested textile materials, without components of animal origin, cruelty free and produced in eco-sustainable establishments with low environmental impact, LILLYDOO diapers offer a guarantee of safety due to the absence of allergens and harmful substances. For those who choose to protect the most delicate areas of baby and newborn skin, the brand’s proposal is a diaper that protects sensitive skin from irritation and allergies, boasting the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification. of effectiveness, compared to the standards guaranteed by similar products on the market, diapers stand out for their resistance, comfortable fit, excellent capacity and rapidity of absorption. All results obtained thanks to the use of Turbo Tunnel technology which ensures maximum tightness, impermeability and zero leaks.

How to buy LILLYDOO nappies

As for the purchase options, even for the latest limited edition A Star Is Born and Ice To Meet You patterns, it is possible to purchase them individually or as a subscription formula, functional, without restrictions, flexible and customizable.

For the monthly supply we start from the standard version, which includes six packs of diapers, to which it is easy to add items to complete the changing table directly from your online account or simply from the app: wipes, changing towels and skincare products. In the event of changes in the monthly requirement, you can intervene at any time on the current subscription by adding or removing items, or cancel it at no additional cost. Finally, for even more customizable solutions, the customer can establish a fixed date for periodic delivery, or is free to change the frequency of shipments from time to time according to their needs.

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