Linda Morselli, from Valentino Rossi's ex to Alonso's girlfriend

Linda Morselli, from Valentino Rossi's ex to Alonso's girlfriend

The confirmation of the new love between the pilot Fernando Alonso and the beautiful Linda Morselli, ex-girlfriend of Valentino Rossi arrives from the social networks

That Linda Morselli likes men who run now seems to be a certainty. After the long love story with Valentino Rossi, which ended last March, the model literally throws herself into the arms of the Spaniard Fernando Alonso. Just two days ago the Formula One driver published on his Instagram profile a photo of a tender embrace with Morselli, with a comment that clearly suggests that a new love has blossomed between the two.

In a romantic hit and response, Morselli shared a photo of a heart on the background of the blue sky in Temecula, California, on the same location as Fernando Alonso was in. So the most talked about couple of the race tracks comes out on social networks. The two had in fact already been seen in tender attitudes during the Monaco Grand Prix a few months ago, shortly after the breakup of the model with Valentino Rossi. Just in the same period the story of Alonso with the beautiful journalist Lara Alvarez also ended.

After being spotted in tender attitudes last July, during the holidays on the Italian coast, the two evidently decided to come out of the closet avoiding gossip of all sorts and directly announcing the beginning of this new love story. Linda Morselli, for her part, seems to have totally forgotten her ex Valentino Rossi, of whom not even more photos appear on her Instagram account. A sign that the Doctor now belongs to the past of the beautiful model, despite the four intense years spent together.

The same can be said for the Moto GP rider who, during his recent holidays in Ibiza, was seen in the company of Jasmine Criscenti, a charming dancer from one of the most fashionable clubs on the island. In short, it seems that not only are the two drivers going fast here, but also the love lives that concern them

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