Lino Banfi and his wife vaccinated against Covid: their experience

Lino Banfi and his wife vaccinated against Covid: their experience

In connection with "Today is another day", Lino Banfi wanted to tell about his experience with the vaccine against Covid

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The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 continues throughout Italy, and there are many subjects at risk – especially by age – who have already had the opportunity to receive their dose. Lino Banfi and his wife Lucia are among them: the Apulian actor has decided to talk about his experience on television, speaking at Today is another day.

Serena Bortone, presenter of the show that airs every afternoon on Rai1, is dedicating these days to the Sanremo 2021 Festival, which ended only last Saturday. For the occasion, he decided to invite numerous personalities from the entertainment world to comment on this edition full of surprises and emotions. In the last episode, among the guests in the video link there was Lino Banfi, who had the opportunity to confront his fellow countryman Gio Evan, fresh from the Sanremo adventure.

During the appointment with Today is another day, the actor wanted to get away from the main topic – music – for a moment and talk about a theme very dear to him. Showing a white pin pinned to his sweater, Banfi said: “This is the badge that Campus Bio-Medico gave me, I am vaccinated twice”. The announcement came as a surprise, and carving out a short space during his speech, Lino added: "I wanted to show it to you and I want to send a message to all Italians: get vaccinated and do not be influenced, because it is very important. It's like a passport ”.

Then, at Bortone's suggestion, he revealed some more details about his vaccination experience: "I took the second dose ten days ago, it didn't give me any problems. However, we must always keep the precautions, but I am calmer ”- admitted Lino Banfi -“ Lucia is also vaccinated like me, and has not had any consequences ”. Both the actor and his wife therefore received the two doses of vaccine necessary for immunization against Covid, and for both there were no side effects due to inoculation.

Before returning to talk about Sanremo, Lino Banfi wanted to remember a very important anniversary for him: "We celebrated 59 years of marriage" – he revealed, speaking of his wife. The two shared a very long part of their life, and the actor remained close to Lucia even in the darkest moments. The woman has suffered from Alzheimer's for some time now, a disease that has brought great pain to the family, but Lino is always by her side.

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