Lino Guanciale, a touching tribute to Gigi Proietti on Instagram

Lino Guanciale, a touching tribute to Gigi Proietti on Instagram

"Not being able to be there is a great pain": this is how Lino Guanciale remembers Gigi Proietti, gathering around his wife Sagitta Alter and his daughters Susanna and Carlotta

Funeral Gigi Proietti: the applause of friends, the emotion of Sagitta and daughters

Lino Guanciale was unable to attend Gigi Proietti's funeral ceremony, but he wanted to pay homage to the Maestro with a long post shared on his Instagram profile.

His message on Instagram begins like this: “Not being able to be there is a great pain, Gigi. That place is magical, that place is you ”. Lino Guanciale turns his thoughts to Proietti's wife, Sagitta Alter, and to his daughters, Susanna and Carlotta: “Even if from afar, I hug your loved ones and your very powerful memory, capable of uniting us all in a grateful smile”.

And he goes on to underline how much his work and his characters remain in everyone's heart indelibly: “Today we cry, but this is your miracle… our heart laughs between Mandrake and Tòto, somehow thinking of you finally embracing Petrolini. Hello, Maestro ”.

A farewell message to Gigi Proietti that touched the many fans of Lino Guanciale who share his thoughts, responding with broken hearts and emoticons in tears. Someone comments: "A piece of Italy is leaving." Others: “You are special Lino, we are with you💔”. Alessandra Mastronardi, Guanciale's partner in the successful fiction L’Allieva, reacts to her colleague's post.

Many colleagues, former students who have become famous today who paid homage to the great Master, Gigi Proietti, who died at 80 on his birthday, November 2. Starting with Enrico Brignano, Pierfrancesco Favino, Gabiele Cirilli.

On the day of Proietti's funeral, which took place on November 5, a citizen mourning was declared in Rome.

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