Lino Guanciale greets Commissioner Ricciardi on Instagram and begins filming Noi

Lino Guanciale

Lino Guanciale makes an appointment for the second series of "Il Commissario Ricciardi". But a new character is already ready for him in the fiction "Noi"

Lino Guanciale greeted Commissioner Ricciardi with a post on Instagram, a character he masterfully interpreted in the homonymous fiction aired on Rai 1, to focus on a new project, the Italian remake of This is us, which will be called Noi.

That to Ricciardi is not a goodbye, but just a goodbye. In fact, the second season of the successful series based on the novels of Maurizio de Giovanni, directed by Alessandro D’Alatri is confirmed. Lino Guanciale had accustomed us, before each episode – a total of six were on the air – to comment on the episode in preview. For the last one (see the video above), he had warned the public that the theme would be loss. And in fact, the season ends with two important losses for Ricciardi: the death of Rosa, played by Nunzia Schiano, the only stable affection in her life, and the renunciation of Enrica, alias Maria Vera Ratti, who was courted by an officer German, seems to yield to him.

To find out if the Commissioner will be able to conquer the girl again or if he will flee into the arms of Livia, who has the beautiful face of Serena Iansiti, we will have to wait. Hence the message that Guanciale left on his Instagram profile. An image of his character in which he wrote: "See you soon, Ricciardi". And immediately Maria Vera Ratti and Serena Iansiti responded with a heart.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the second season but already miss Commissioner Ricciardi and write: “See you soon, we already miss you”. "We can't wait, you are already missing no one except ❤️".

Meanwhile, Lino Guanciale is already projected towards a new project, the Noi series, inspired by the American fiction, which is already in its sixth season, broadcast on NBC.

According to what Sky Tg24 reports, the series tells the story of a common family, with its joys and sufferings, with its successes and failures. Guanciale plays the role of the head of the family, Pietro, who in the American version is called Jack Pearson and is played by Milo Ventimiglia. At his side there will be Aurora Ruffino who plays Pietro's wife. Dario Aita, already seen with Guanciale in L’allieva, Claudia Marsicano and Livio Kone will be Claudio, Caterina and Daniele.

The fiction directed by Luca Ribuoli will include 12 episodes that will be broadcast on Rai 1 in prime time.

Commissioner Ricciardi

Goodbye to Commissioner Ricciardi on Instagram

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