Lip care for perfect lips, the right products


from Beatrice Serra

Almost abandoned the mask, between us and the lipstick there are no more obstacles. Unless, in the meantime, we have converted to an easier style or have opted, at least in the summer, for a refined but natural allure.

On the subject of mouth, this season, we are on the safe side, with the launch of even more perfected products halfway between lip care and soft make-up: balms, oils, glosses which moisturize and, at the same time, give a veil of color, just enough to make the lips more beautiful, smooth and turgid.

“These cosmetics came out at the right time, after two years and more of a mask, which dried and cracked the labial mucous membranes”, he tells us Luciano Bernardi, research and development manager of Diego Della Palma. «They contain moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid and vitamin E), nourishing (vegetable oils) and plumping ingredients that relax, compact and lift (slightly) the mucosa».

There is an air of transparency

“The constant use of lip care creates the best basis for top-quality make-up, when we feel like it,” continues Bernardi. “Some, then, also have a volumizing effect (for the extract of chilli and ginger) or the sunscreen with a high Spf that does not fade the color of the lips, as happened in the past with similar products”.

For now, the credit of these sticks goes to theirs sparkling finishto thatlip gloss effect which is the beauty trend of the moment, in full 90s revival. The world of celebrities immediately took over.

There mouth with nude gloss and contour pencil a little darker is the trademark of Jennifer Lopez, as we have noticed it on Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Uma Thurman and Salma Hayek, also at the last Oscars and Bafta Awards. Passing through Naomi Campbell at the Met Gala, a gothic-themed media show. But her mouth was clear, and soft. Because of a lip oil?

Hydration + natural nuances: here are the cosmetics to try.

The primer to be applied every 4 hours and in the evening to find yourself in the morning with regenerated lips: Hyaluroil Lip Treatment by Twelve, with hyaluronic acid, argan and sunflower oil (€ 33.60,

It is a multi-function balm with vegetable oil and vitamin E that keeps the lips soft and gives the cheeks a glow. In four different shades, all summery. Perfect Balmdi Limelife by Alcone (€ 18,

Softness and natural volume-definition result for this gloss in 6 shades, all on pink. Vibrant Color by Icona Milano Makeup (€ 19.50,

It has a slightly toning buttery texture (4 colors) and ensures high sun protection for the lips. Protect My Lips protective bra balm Spf 50+ di Diego dalla Palma (€ 21.50,

Gives a “bite” effect color Melvita’s Pungent Rouge Lip Oila mix of castor oil, apple and natural pigments with nourishing action (€ 13.50,

A touch of light, strawberry flavor, with Pearly Pink by Laverasuper-moisturizing stick based on 100% natural waxes with organic almond and mallow oil (€ 3.69,

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