Lip filler without needles: volumizing gloss for a plump and plump mouth

Lip filler without needles: volumizing gloss for a plump and plump mouth

Do volumizing glosses really work? Can they be a valid alternative to lip fillers performed by a surgeon? Guide to their use

It is one of the most requested aesthetic "touches", the lip filler, which seems to conquer many women, at all ages. Because if before he expected to have passed the "sash" before devoting himself to the bites, now the botox, as well as the hyaluronic acid, are the preserve of twenty and thirty year olds. But for those who still do not feel like visiting the surgeon, those who are afraid of needles or who simply want to have fuller and plumped lips but in a completely natural way, there is a boom in gloss and volumizing serums.

They are products that can be purchased online or in perfumery that have no major contraindications if not to cause a slight irritation to the lips. In fact, inside them, they present substances such as menthol, cinnamon or chilli pepper, which in contact with the lips irritate the mucous membrane, thus causing the blood to flow to the surface and giving a more swollen, turgid and colorful effect, which, however, obviously fades with time .

But what are the best plumping products for thicker lips and how do they apply?

Some products are applied before applying lipstick: the operation can be repeated several times to obtain a more volumized effect without exaggerating so as not to irritate the mucosa too much. They look like serums that dry on the lips, making them swollen, smooth and turgid. The most famous is the Plump It !, which we have tested for you and we know how to work but, at the same time, it really burns a lot. This type of product is applied, left to dry and then proceed with the application of lipstick, lip tint or, to increase the volumizing effect, it is possible to enlarge the outline of the mouth with a flesh-colored pencil, bleeding a few millimeters from the natural size of the lips. We then proceed by filling them with a lipstick of the same shade as the pencil and, in the center, a lighter tone is applied, so as to create an optical effect of fuller lips. A touch of gloss in the center and the fake-filler effect is guaranteed!

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As an alternative to serums, however, there are plumping glosses, which spread like a normal gloss but have a more or less strong volumizing effect. There are various types: transparent, with reflective particles, slightly colored or vinyl, just like shiny lipsticks. The latest and most talked about are the Psygloss of Mulac Cosmetics which, in addition to having different colors, also have more or less intense plumping effects, so that those who just can not bear the sensation of irritation and numbness to the lips that these products can give, however, it will have a plumping but less annoying effect. In addition, by using a plumping gloss instead of a serum, it will be possible to maintain the swollen effect for longer. Not so much because they are more effective products, but because they are easy to carry and reapply several times during the day, the effect will be continuous.

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