Lipstick: do you want to discover the perfect nude tone for you? The secret is in the intimate

Lipstick: do you want to discover the perfect nude tone for you? The secret is in the intimate

According to a study, among the nude, the color that gives you the most is the most similar to the color of your nipples. Have you ever thought about it? And then, off to research

How to choose the right lipstick: copy from the celebs

Are you always looking for the perfect make-up color for you, the best lipstick, the one that can bring out the best in your features? It is an infinite search, which proceeds by trial and error. At the beginning of each season, the catwalk gurus and make-up artists swear they have the definitive nuances in their hands, so innovative and stylish that they will convince you to store the choices of previous years.

There are lipstick colors perfect for blondes or blackberries, but this time the revelation is not based on what is before everyone's eyes and does not come from a fashion studio or the celeb make-up artist, but from a medical-themed talk show aired on CBS: The Doctors. According to the breezy team of conductors, finding the perfect nude color for your lips is very simple: all you have to do is separate yourself, open your blouse and compare the stick with the color of your nipples.

The motivation? "Nature knows best", that is "nature knows it", and therefore the different colors of your body parts undoubtedly represent an ideal match to enhance your beauty. Are you skeptical? Know that you are in good company. In short, the bizarre theory went around the web and we can imagine that virtually all the girls tested the last nude lipstick they bought.

And you? Have you identified the shade that suits you and don't even think about changing? Or, after the test, do you have any doubts now? Certainly it is not easy to test the colors in a normal perfumery, but perhaps in a short time we could have dedicated dressing rooms where we can stay. Who knows?

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