Little black dress: all the personalities of a classic

Little black dress: all the personalities of a classic

How to reinterpret the classic little black dress? Here are some ideas for you

The little black dress is a classic. The fact that it is a classic, however, does not mean that it should be trivial, or taken for granted, or that it should always be worn in the same way. Being a basic garment, it can be worn in many different ways, depending on the personalities who wear it. Let's see some of them.

classic little black dress

Armani dress, Repetto ballet flats, Fendi glasses

Little black dress: easy chic

With red lipstick and a diva's goggle it's always a winning combination. If you want to emphasize the waist, add a belt, even thin. It will make the look more sophisticated. The perfect bag is a simple and classic day shoulder bag. On the feet, ballet flats for a true easy chic look, otherwise décolleté for a femme fatale look.

classic little black dress


Little black dress: street style

Oh yes, the little black dress can also be worn with Texans and a waxed raincoat! And see how well it works! If you don't know what to wear next time it rains, I recommend saving this look.

little black texan dress

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Little black dress: French style

One of my favorite looks: with ground-level ballet flats (you need long and toned legs), large glasses and a straw bag. We are talking about garments that can be found very cheaply, or even in the vintage or second hand market. That understatement that for me is the top of the top. The truth is that the little black dress is extremely democratic. The moment you find the right one for you, you have found your soul mate. You will use it until the end of its days … and then you will have it made for you another equal.

little black French dress

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Little black dress: elegant

The little black dress can be very elegant, while remaining above the knee. As long as it has a particular detail, such as the hem of the sleeves, for example, and that it is combined with chic shoes, not necessarily very high and not necessarily with bare fingers. He immediately becomes the protagonist, despite its absolute simplicity.

elegant little black dress

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