Live, all against Flavia Vento. D’Urso defends it, but the wand

Live, all against Flavia Vento. D’Urso defends it, but the wand

Barbara D'Urso returns with a new appointment of her Sunday show, with many interesting topics

The second round of Live – Non è la D’Urso gave us many surprises: once again, the Canale 5 studio welcomed numerous guests among the public's most loved characters. And Barbara D’Urso, brilliant as usual, managed to harmoniously conduct an episode that could prove to be quite difficult.

After the long summer break, last week the new season of Live – Non è la D’Urso kicked off, one of the most followed programs by viewers. And if the first episode turned out to be a great success, this second appointment certainly cannot be said to have been outdone: Barbara welcomed many characters into the studio who, between laughter and some bickering, addressed the most varied topics.

As already experienced last spring, D’Urso has decided to continue dedicating the first part of her show to current events, and then move on to the latest gossip news. There was no shortage of the fun challenge of the five spheres: this time, Flavia Vento was facing the fierce commentators. Fresh from one of the shortest experiences in the House of Big Brother Vip (she stayed for just 24 hours), the beautiful showgirl arrived in the studio at Live – It is not D'Urso to explain again the reason for her sudden defection from the reality show .

Vento had declared that she missed her dogs too strongly to be able to remain in the game, so she abandoned the GF Vip the day after her entry. In front of the five spheres – for the first time all red, as if to show the disappointment that everyone felt for the choice of Flavia – she reiterated that she had only gone out so as not to stay away from her four-legged friends. No background, no hidden reason: apparently, the showgirl just followed her heart.

As anticipated, all five spheres hurled themselves against the former gieffina. Barbara D’Urso herself, who has always had a good relationship with Flavia Vento and who often hosts her as a columnist, could not help but beat her up. Although he defended her from the ruthless attacks of the 'spheres', the presenter confessed to her that she did not approve her decision: "You could have thought of your dogs first, you had already twice abandoned two reality shows" – he told her, referring to his previous experiences on the Isola dei Famosi in 2008 and 2012, both of which ended with an early farewell.

Focusing on the responsibility that Vento decided to take on when she agreed to participate in the GF Vip, D'Urso continued: "For all of us, the spectators, for Alfonso Signorini who must have taken a while to convince yourself, you can't leave after 24 hours “. This opinion is also shared by Vladimir Luxuria who was next to Flavia during her second attempt at the Island of the Famous: "You try it all the time, but you can't. And in my opinion it's a shame, because you are fun and instead you always withdraw ”.

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