Live, Barbara D’Urso very elegant in total white welcomes her friend Eva Grimaldi

Live, Barbara D’Urso very elegant in total white welcomes her friend Eva Grimaldi

Barbara D'Urso chooses a white suit to drive Live – It's not D'Urso and, in the studio, she welcomes her friend Eva Grimaldi

Barbara D'Urso is tireless and after a week in which she conducted with extreme professionalism, obtaining great satisfaction in terms of listening, Afternoon Five and Sunday Live, she led with energy and enthusiasm a new appointment of her flagship program: Live – Non is La D'Urso.

To offer the now proven mix of information and entertainment, the presenter, beaming as always, attracted the gaze of viewers and guests with an extremely glamorous and bright, but also professional look. She chose a pure white suit: jacket completely covered with small sequins, with a deep v-neckline and palazzo pants enhanced her breathtaking physique.

The jewels worn are also very beautiful: a large luminous ring and silver-colored pendant earrings. The hair, on the other hand, was styled by pinning the well-defined curls behind the nape in a bun. For the makeup she chose a very natural look: shades of brown on her eyes that emphasized the presenter's gaze and a nude hazelnut lipstick on her lips. Finally, he did not want to give up his dizzying heels.

Barbara welcomed very important guests into the studio. Politicians, scholars and experts to address very delicate issues of information, but also celebrities from the world of entertainment to spread unresolved issues and reveal unimaginable gossip, with the aim of giving the public hours of fun and lightheartedness.

After listening, in the last episode, to the words of Gabriel Garko, who wanted to talk about his mood following the speech to Big Brother Vip 5, Barbara D'Urso invited the actor's former fake girlfriend, as well as his friend, Eva Grimaldi. With her the current partner Imma Battaglia, married in May 2019, who has always supported her and who has always been aware of the events of the past.

Eve – he gently admitted the Battle – is the guide of my life. Right at this moment we decided to move and if she wasn't there I would be lost.

And, precisely in this episode, D’Urso presented its latest idea: a new seat for the five spheres, all gilded and reserved for the most astute or beloved commentators.

Barbara D’Urso, as always, managed to deal with very different and challenging topics, managing unexpected and strong clashes, but also giving viewers a lot of emotions. What will you propose in the next appointment?

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