Live, clash between D’Urso and Brosio. But she doesn't give in to provocations

Live, clash between D’Urso and Brosio. But she doesn't give in to provocations

During the episode, Paolo Brosio became enthusiastic and D'Urso was forced to intervene

Barbara D’Urso returned to our screens with another episode of her Sunday show, full of surprises as always. The last episode of Live – It is not D’Urso has seen the presenter still focused on current affairs, leaving the gossip in the background.

Barbara D’Urso's transmission has undergone a clear change to adapt to the emergency situation we are experiencing, thus giving ample space for information to offer a useful service to its audience. And also in this evening's appointment, the presenter has deepened several current topics, with some guests in the studio and many experts in video connection. However, there were moments of tension, which led to a dispute between D’Urso and Paolo Brosio.

The latter, guest with Gianluigi Nuzzi, addressed the delicate issue of the reopening of places of worship. It took only a few seconds for the hearts to warm up: Brosio, intent in a speech aimed at protecting the rights of Christians, as specified by himself, became so inflamed that he no longer wanted to leave the word to Nuzzi. Indeed, he was so taken into account that he had repeatedly misspelled his name, calling him Gianluca.

Barbara remained silent for a while, but every time she tried to intervene she was interrupted by Paolo, who continued in his incessant flow of words. All this did not go down to the presenter, who, however, limited herself to picking it up and trying to lower the tones, without falling into the provocation. The only time she seemed really upset was when Brosio put on his glasses and picked up his phone.

"Paolo, you know that I always welcome you very much, but I do not find it correct that you now put on your glasses and started looking at the phone, saying: Now you speak" – said D’Urso. But the gesture that, at first sight, seemed so rude soon found its explanation: “I have my 99-year-old mother alone at home, I saw a message from her and took a hit. It's not rudeness. "

Gradually, the situation came back under control and Barbara managed to restore calm in the studio, without needing to heat up too much. On the other hand, it is not the first time that the presenter collides directly with Paolo Brosio, and every time he is able to take back the situation and cool the atmosphere.

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