Live, Dora Moroni sentenced to pay 35 thousand euros. The promise of Barbara D’Urso


Forced to pay 35 thousand euros of court costs, the singer Dora Moroni vents to Live-Non è D'Urso. And Barbara promises her: "It doesn't end there"

In the last episode of Live- It is not D’Urso, the singer Dora Moroni tells her story: sentenced on appeal to pay 35 thousand euros of court costs after filing a lawsuit for an operation to the eye that went wrong. Barbara D’Urso makes a promise to her: "It doesn't end there."

In 1978 Dora Moroni is involved in a serious car accident. At the wheel was the presenter Corrado who had discovered her a couple of years earlier, had wanted her at his side in the conduct of Sunday In between 1976 and 1977. In the crash the singer was thrown out of the car. He remained in a coma for some time, the language faculties were partially compromised, marking the end of his singing career.

Following the accident, Dora underwent a series of interventions over the years, including that of the eye, already blind, to reduce strabismus. Moroni tells D'Urso how she was assured that the operation was simple. But the result was not what was hoped for, rather it was pejorative, creating many sufferings for the singer who therefore decided to sue the hospital.

The first hearing gave her reason, but on appeal the situation was reversed and Moroni was ordered to pay 35 thousand euros which, as she confessed to Live, she did not have. "I am forced to sell the house", which she is particularly fond of being a legacy from her mother. Not only that, if he will sell that house, he has no other place to live. On the other hand, his son is far away, lives and works in America.

Dora confessed that she had lost the positive charge that had allowed her in the past to resume her television career and to support the many interventions. "I am very disappointed in life." "I have to pay 35 thousand euros within a month and a half, how do I do it?".

Hence Barbara's promise: "Dora I promise you that something will happen". It's still. "Dora I promise you it doesn't end there." Therefore, Moroni's appeal will not be listened to, word of D’Urso who ended the Live season with super guests like Lory Del Santo and Asia Argento.

The appointment is for September 13th. And the presenter thanks her fans on Instagram: “It has been a very complex season for the reasons we know but we are more than ever proud to have kept you company in these months, informing you with the most authoritative personalities but also making you smile ❤️❤️❤️ See you at settembreeeeee !!! ".

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