Live, Fabrizio Corona returns to TV and from Barbara D’Urso he makes a promise

Live, Fabrizio Corona torna in tv e da Barbara D’Urso fa una promessa

With a video message to Barbara D'Urso, Corona made a promise to all those who have been close to him over the years

The last episode of Live – It is not the D'Urso was full of twists and also saw the intervention of Fabrizio Corona, who wanted to comment on the last sentence of the Cassation that involved him and leave a message to all those who have been close to him in these years.

Since last December, in fact, the ex-husband of Nina Moric has been under house arrest and is starting a recovery path. However, the Milan Court had scheduled another 9 months in prison for him.

The sentence of 12 June canceled the provision and now Corona can continue serving his sentence in his home in Milan. In the video message sent to Barbara D'Urso, Fabrizio Corona recounted his emotions:

If you ask me if I am happy with the sentence, I must tell you the truth: I am not happy, I am relieved. I took away a worry, a burden from my stomach because things did not always go as they should have and for me these nine months were fundamental for seeing the light and for rearranging my judicial situation once and for all.

Visibly tried and embittered, the former photographic agent went on to clarify his position, telling his story and showing all his fragility and disturbances:

Between one thing and another I have been involved for 14 years, I lost my freedom more than 9 years ago. I think I paid, I went on a path that served me today. None of you will ever understand what I have inside, but I would like several of the ethical moral judgments that have been given to me to be reviewed and that you can objectively look at what has been my judicial affair. I am serving and respecting the rules.

Fabrizio Corona said that he has changed, because the latest imprisonment left him with something indelible and unique, which he will hardly be able to make others understand. Then he concluded his message with his hopes and above all with a great promise:

I hope I can regain my freedom soon, I am looking forward to being able to take my son around the world, something that we have promised ourselves for a long time and that we haven't done for nine years. The first thing we will do is go for a swim in the sea. I thank all those who have been close to me in these years with great affection. I tell you that my story is not over, indeed you will soon hear about me.

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