Live, Guenda Goria defends the Ruta and Baccini leaves the studio

Live, Guenda Goria defends the Ruta and Baccini leaves the studio

Live – It's not D'Urso, a clash between Francesco Baccini and Guenda Goria on the statements of Maria Teresa Ruta, regarding the alleged flirtation with the singer-songwriter

Like every Sunday evening, the splendid Barbara D’Urso kept her loyal audience company with a new episode of Live – Non è la D’Urso. Wrapped in a hyper-feminine electric blue sheath dress, studded with glitter decorations that put the soft silhouette in an even more sparkling light, the hostess, as always, led viewers between the latest updates on Covid and the situation in the country.

But the episode went live with the first guest of the talk, the singer-songwriter Francesco Baccini who for a few days has entered the eye of the storm due to some revelations made inside the House of the GF Vip. Maria Teresa Ruta, who was eliminated from the reality show in the prime-time Friday episode, claimed to have had a sort of little flirtation with Baccini, hinting that the two of them had taken some tender while they were intent on watching a Sanremo Festival of many years ago.

After days of questioning and answering via social media with the daughter of Ruta and after peeping into the House of the GF Vip to discuss the issue, this time Baccini showed up in the studio at Live – It is not D'Urso to confront himself with Guenda Goria. The girl has always defended her mother with drawn sword and has continued to do so even in the episode, despite the evident resentment of the singer-songwriter. Baccini has repeatedly repeated that he deals with music and that he is not interested in this type of issue, much less reality shows or talks.

Guenda, as always outspoken, repeated several times what in her opinion was the songwriter's mistake. He could have avoided putting the accent on the story, when his mother Maria Teresa had simply limited herself to recalling a good memory. He, on the other hand, spread clear messages on social media and then in an episode to the GF Vip, declaring himself not only completely extraneous to this alleged flirtation, but also being targeted and unjustly put in the middle. All for something that happened many years ago.

The confrontation between Guenda Goria and Francesco Baccini was brief but intense, even interspersed with a "fiction" put together by the D’Urso staff to reconstruct the events of that infamous evening. Baccini has found the perfect reconstruction, even the part in which a visibly shaken and angry man breaks in and discovers them in intimate attitudes. But, despite this, he did not reach a meeting point with Guenda. And eventually he left the studio.

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