Live – It's not D’Urso, Taylor Mega tells Gregoraci about the fight for Briatore

Live – Non è la D’Urso, Taylor Mega racconta la lite la Gregoraci per Briatore

Guest of "Live – Non è la D'Urso", Taylor Mega the clash with Elisabetta Gregoraci for the former Flavio Briatore

Taylor Mega returns to talk about Elisabetta Gregoraci Live – It's not the D'Urso, revealing that he had a fight with the showgirl because of her relationship with Flavio Briatore. In fact, the Instagram influencer was linked for some time to the entrepreneur immediately after the divorce from his wife. A flirtation that lasted very little, during which Taylor also met Gregoraci.

"I had an episode with Elisabetta Gregoraci – he explained to Live – It's not D’Urso -. At the time I did not know her and I was in a hotel, a famous hotel in Milan. And practically I didn't know her I didn't know who she was and nothing. But she started screaming in the middle of the lobby of this hotel. She started yelling at me […] If you don't know me why are you yelling at me? He said to me 'ah yes, she is there too, the ex'. Turning to him, she said 'your ex is there, do you see?' ". Mega then talked about her relationship with Briatore. "Yes, I had a flirtation with Flavio Briatore, more or less – said Barbara D’Urso in the living room -. It was known, it appeared in all the newspapers. But I did not know Elisabetta, but she started screaming early in the morning. I wake up in the morning and hear these screams. I was with my little dog as she screamed. I was really very quiet and just got up to take my dog ​​and then I heard these screams in the hall ”.

After the farewell to Flavio Briatore, with whom she lived a love story lasting over ten years, crowned by the wedding and the birth of her son Nathan Falco, Elisabetta Gregoraci lived a love story with the entrepreneur Francesco Bettuzzi. Despite the divorce, the former spouses remained very close, as Elisabetta's former partner also confirmed. "We were together for three years in great secrecy – she had told some time ago – but the presence of the ex-husband Briatore was there and conditioned her. We led a low profile life and we always went to places where they couldn't recognize us – concluded Bettuzzi -, but in the long run I became impatient with this situation and after several misunderstandings we parted “.

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