Live-It's not the D’Urso, the truth of Marco Carta after being arrested for theft

Live-It's not the D’Urso, the truth of Marco Carta after being arrested for theft

Finally Marco Carta will give his version of the accusations of aggravated theft that have been addressed to him in recent days

A not so peaceful period, what Marco Carta is experiencing in the last few days.

After the announcement of his arrest for the alleged aggravated theft of six T-shirts worth € 1,200, in fact, there was a lot of talk about his account. Many are convinced of the innocence of the former Amici winner, while others are very doubtful. Finally, however, he is ready to tell his truth.

Marco Carta will be a guest at Live – It is not the D’Urso where he will explain what happened and will try to disprove the testimony of the Rinascente supervisor in Milan, where the crime would have occurred, which instead confirms the version that sees the singer guilty. Despite this, in the direct trial the judge decided not to validate the arrests and the singer will face a trial to prove his innocence.

The former winner of the Sanremo Festival will find an ally in Barbara D’Urso, who is very fond of the boy. It is in one of her programs, in fact, that Marco came out and it is always to her that she spoke, in tears, immediately after the unpleasant story. The presenter kept us calling him in person to make sure of what was happening and the singer took advantage of it to swear her innocence.

Before facing the public and the first hearing, which will be held in September, Marco Carta, however, thought it well to take a break and to move away from the rumors circulating about him. The social media, in fact, after hearing the news, went wild, so much so that Caterina Balivo was also induced to defend the singer.

Marco took a short vacation and flew to Mykonos, Greece, to enjoy some peace and relaxation. The desire is precisely to leave this whole story behind. The media hype, in fact, has greatly affected him. In a post on Instagram he said:

In these cases, when you know you are being unfairly accused, you think of your family and loved ones who read news and are alarmed and suffering needlessly. Please give them back the serenity they deserve. I am an honest person and certainly I don't steal.

However, he is ready to return to Italy to tell all his truth to Barbara D’Urso and those who can't wait to listen to his version.

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