Live, Marini confesses to her boyfriend and angers D’Urso

Live, Marini confesses to her boyfriend and angers D’Urso

Valeria Marini introduces her boyfriend Gianluigi Martino to Live and angers D'Urso

Valeria Marini confesses to Live – It is not D’Urso and introduces her new boyfriend Gianluigi Martino. The showgirl is in love and happy again thanks above all to a man who has been able to give her a smile. After the traumatic farewell to Patrick Baldassari, which occurred during the participation in Temptation Island Vip, Marini fell in love again.

A 36-year-old manager known during a business trip, Gianluigi was a guest of Live – Non è la D’Urso together with Valeria to tell their love. “The story was born naturally – the showgirl confessed – we met working. I was a little disillusioned and I had closed the doors of my heart then after meeting him from what is born what … ".

“You and I have many mutual friends – confirmed Gianluigi -, but we had never met, so maybe it's the destiny that I really believe in. I must say that I was a little afraid. And as soon as I arrived at that dinner and I saw it, I was love at first sight. It was not easy to conquer her, I insisted so much giving her so much attention. I am someone who believes a lot in love. "

The love story has been kept secret for some time and only recently has Marini decided to come out. Gianna Orrù, Valeria's mother from whom she had recently moved away, also approved the report. Recently the two have had the opportunity to clarify and Marini has not hidden her happiness. “You met my boyfriend even if from a distance. Now I got closer to her – she clarified -. It wasn't a problem between the two of us, she had closed a little because of one of her problems which fortunately resolved a little. "

After talking about Gianluigi Martino, Barbara D'Urso announced a debate about Antonella Elia who clashed with Marini several times in the home of GF Vip. "No please – Valeria began – I want to go further." However, Barbara D’Urso did not like her reaction: "Valeria I understand absolutely and there is no problem – he said -, but I would like to clarify that one of our authors had told you what would happen. I don't want the audience to think we set a trap for you. " The showgirl apologized to Live's host, but remained firm on her positions.

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