Live, Raluca Rebedea defends Zenga: "Andrea refused our invitation"

Live, Raluca Rebedea difende Zenga: “Andrea rifiutò il nostro invito”

Raluca Rebedea, guest of "Live – Non è la D'Urso", defends Walter Zenga and reveals a background on Andrea

Raluca Rebedea, host of Live – It is not the D’Urso, defends Walter Zenga, revealing new background on the former footballer's relationship with his sons Andrea and Nicolò, born from the union with Roberta Termali. Zenga's third wife, Raluca has been linked to the sportsman for several years and the couple had two children.

In connection with Barbara D’Urso's living room, the former model spoke about her husband's relationship with the older children, with whom relations have been strained for some time. According to Raluca, it would not have been Walter who created the tensions who, on the contrary, would have tried in every way to get closer to Nicolò and Andrea. "It is unfair that public opinion thinks Walter is a bad dad," he said. He has always been a perfect dad with our little ones, very present and cuddly. Indeed, it is hyper-present. As for Andrea and Nicolò, I remember the invitations that have been there over the years. I remember when they came here to the Emirates and I took them around here a bit, it was 2007. Every year Walter launched the invitation, our home was always open ".

The confrontation between Walter Zenga and his son Andrea, who is in the GF Vip house was rather cold. The boy does not seem willing to forgive his father for his constant absences and only after the meeting, in the Confessional, did he dissolve in tears, showing his pain for the situation. Roberta Termali appeared very worried and appealed to the former footballer asking him to do everything to find a meeting point with his children.

Raluca, however, said that the couple would have held out his hand to Andrea Zenga several times, but that the boy would always have refused his father's invitations, including his marriage to Rebedea. “When we got married in church, also doing Samira's baptism, in 2010, we invited them to Romania – he said -: Nicolò came, Andrea refused. Even at the baptism of Walter Jr. we re-launched the invitation and there was no response. I wouldn't have interfered because they have to sort things out with the father between them, but Walter doesn't deserve this. It is a bit comfortable to be a sad child, I can understand but Walter Andrea also missed him. The love of a parent is not divided when you have more children, but multiplies. I loved Walter's children so much because I met them as children, they were very sweet, very tender. If they were to see each other sitting at a table, in my opinion, the embrace would start: it is the television that is ruining everything ".

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