Live, Rita Dalla Chiesa is moved with a tribute to Fabrizio Frizzi

Live, Rita Dalla Chiesa si commuove con l’omaggio a Fabrizio Frizzi

Barbara D'Urso gives a splendid surprise to Rita Dalla Chiesa: the tribute to Frizzi moves everyone

The last episode of Live – Non è la D'Urso surprised us with a truly touching moment: together with Rita Dalla Chiesa, a guest in Barbara D'Urso's living room, we relived her love story with Fabrizio Frizzi, in a moving homage to the beloved conductor.

Barbara D’Urso is back in great shape with her Sunday show, which always welcomes very interesting guests and ignites the debate on the issues most felt by the public. Beautiful and radiant as always, on this occasion D'Urso showed off a very elegant look, wearing a total black suit with an extremely classic cut jacket and trousers, combined with a white lace top with a plunging neckline. And during the episode, as the perfect hostess, she gave us a mix of great emotions.

After the now usual part dedicated to current affairs, Barbara D’Urso welcomed her dear friend Rita Dalla Chiesa to her studio to give her a surprising gift. A few brief exchange of words, during which the presenter talked about her daughter Giulia and the great love she feels for her nephew Lorenzo, then left room for the purest emotion. Rita has in fact made a real journey back in time inside the "drive in", where D’Urso broadcast a long video to retrace her career and her private life.

The video told the story of General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, father of Rita, who poured all his energy into the fight against the mafia, up to the tragic attack that led to his untimely death. Reliving the devastating loss that marked the presenter's life was very touching, but the images that followed were even more touching. In fact, it is impossible to talk about Rita without remembering her great love with Fabrizio Frizzi: in a very sweet intertwining of moments of private life – like their marriage – and snapshots of their career that, in that period, always saw them close, Dalla Chiesa he struggled to hold back the tears.

Barbara D’Urso thus wanted to remember one of the greatest personalities of Italian television, who passed away at the age of 60, leaving a huge void in the lives of all those who loved him. A tribute, the one dedicated to Frizzi, which once again moves us.

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