Live, Stefania Orlando tells her truth about Andrea Roncato

Live, Stefania Orlando racconta la sua verità su Andrea Roncato

Barbara D'Urso returns with a new episode of her Sunday night talk show

Like every week, the highly anticipated Sunday evening appointment with Live – Non è la D'Urso is renewed: during the new episode, many guests followed one another in the studio to entertain the public with exclusive interviews and no holds barred comparisons . Barbara D’Urso also left room for the protagonists of the latest edition of Big Brother Vip, who shared their experience.

The show, broadcast every Sunday in prime time on Canale 5, is one of the most loved programs by viewers. This is one of the latest episodes: as revealed at first by some indiscretions and later confirmed by the Mediaset leaders, the season of Live – Non è la D'Urso will end a little early on March 28, 2021. In the During this appointment, Barbara D'Urso gave us many surprises.

Gorgeous as always, the presenter enchanted the audience with an enchanting look: this time she opted for a black suit, with a midi skirt embellished with black lace on the hem and a deep slit on the back. D’Urso then chose a make-up in shades of pink, such as to enhance her gaze, and a collected hairstyle that left a pair of important gold and silver earrings in evidence.

As the perfect hostess, Barbara D’Urso welcomed numerous guests in the studio. The first part of the episode, as has become customary, was dedicated to current affairs and political information, with the intervention in video link by Nicola Zingaretti and Matteo Salvini. Hence, ample space for entertainment: an extraordinary edition of GF Vip ended only on Monday 1 March, and D’Urso invited some of the protagonists who made the reality show a success.

The first was Stefania Orlando, who sparked sparks in the most spied house in Italy: her friendship with Tommaso Zorzi won everyone over, but there were some controversies outside the walls of Cinecittà. In particular, the statements of his ex Andrea Roncato had caused a lot of discussion. In the sitting room of D’Urso, the showgirl – who was a guest with her husband Simone Gianlorenzi – told her truth by replying to Roncato.

"I am amazed, because the Andrea I knew was not like that. I continue to have great respect for him and for his family, I will no longer go into the matter "- explained Orlando -" When we broke up we were still good friends. Before entering the GF Vip something had broken, but I did not believe that he could get to release certain statements full of hatred and hatred. I think the time has come for me to cut the past as well. I think I won't even mention his name anymore, it's not worth it ”.

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