Live Sunday, Sergio Muniz excited: he will be a father in January

Live Sunday, Sergio Muniz excited: he will be a father in January

In Barbara D'Urso's Sunday parlor she told about her pregnancy and experience at "Tale e Quali Show"

Former model, actor and among the latest protagonists of Tale and Which Show, the broadcast conducted by Carlo Conti and aired on Rai 1: Sergio Muniz was among the guests of Domenica Live. In Barbara D’Urso's living room he was introduced by a video that retraced his career and private life: from his victory on the Island of the Famous in 2004, to his partner Morena, a yoga teacher. Born in 1975, charming and talented, over the course of his career he has shown that he has a propensity for acting.

And the announcement he made in the Sunday drawing room is one of the special ones: Sergio Muniz in fact said he will soon become a father: "In January", he explained to viewers and to D'Urso.

The meeting between the actor and his partner took place on a yoga day, where there are open lessons, and there they met. On falling in love, the actor said: "It was quite fast, even though I had just come out of a separation that later became divorce, but love is not commanded: when it arrives it arrives".

Barbara D'Urso showed some Instagram videos in which the pregnant partner is seen: "I'm someone who doesn't talk a lot about himself in general, but I don't hide anything either" he explained, commenting on the videos in which the hint is seen belly of his partner, published on his social network.

After the happy news of the birth that will arrive in January 2021, Barbara D’Urso also showed some videos of her experience as an imitator at Tale and Which Show where she stepped into the shoes of several performers. One of the singers he brought to the stage, Mal, sent him a video message in which he said that he felt like he was seeing each other again 50 years ago and then added: “You were very very good, congratulations”.

And then again they talked about Ghali who did not appreciate the choice of makeup for her imitation to Tale and Which Show and had written it on Instagram, a comment to which Muniz had also replied via social media. Even in the living room of D'Urso he wanted to reiterate the concept, again apologizing.

At the end of the interview Barbara D’Urso returned to the news of the pregnancy. On the possibility of going to the delivery room Sergio Muniz said "We hope", while when asked if he is excited he replied: "Obviously yes".

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