Lizzo, who responds to body shaming with provocations


Lizzo, the singer symbol of body positive, faces body shaming and fat phobia with open face and uncovered body

From Vanessa Incontrada to Chiara Ferragni: the stars against body shaming

Lizzo, the American singer who has become a cheeky, exhibited, shouted symbol of body positive, always a victim of body shaming and the prevailing fat phobia, never misses an opportunity to reiterate her message and respond in a provocative and shameless way to haters.

The last occasion was the birthday of her friend Cardi B: Lizzo showed up (s) dressed in a transparent jumpsuit, and under the jumpsuit… nothing. Not caring about its abundant curves, the rolls covering the lower parts, the semi “obscene” effect.

Because if at first glance the outfit could seem excessive, inelegant, even vulgar, an exaggerated ostentation and of dubious taste, what Melissa Viviane Jefferson has been asking everyone for a long time is not to stop at first glance and to remember how she is carrying on from time a broader speech: “I want to face hatred with open face and body (brazenly) exhibited” he said.

“I don’t have time for your negativity, your internalized hatred that you project on me with your racism and your fat phobia,” he recently posted on Instagram. “I feel that only by facing adversity openly can I overcome them”.

Her friend Cardi B told her: “Let your revenge be the music”. And so it was: “Rumors” sung together with Cardi, is at the top of the US charts.

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