Lola Ponce, perfect physique in pregnancy and after childbirth

Lola Ponce, perfect physique in pregnancy and after childbirth

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In March, Lola Ponce gave birth to little Erin, whom her partner Aaron Diaz had. In no time, that is, in May, the singer was already in perfect line, as evidenced by the photos she posted on Instagram. "No tricks or surgery," she replies to followers who ask her how she managed to regain physical fitness. The secret? "A little exercise and live with a lot of love !!! I'm happy so happy". In Latin countries Lola has published the book Nueve Lunas, where he tells in detail the nine months of pregnancy.

"It was the best experience of my life – said Lola herself when she was pregnant – I took a kilo a month, all coated on the breast, butt and belly. It's perfect, isn't it? Aaron is crazy about my new forms ". Aaron is his partner, known on the set of the TV series El Talisman.

"Genetics help: my mom and sister were more beautiful pregnant and then immediately got back into shape. I continue with pilates and then I do yoga. At the table I eat in a balanced way," she said to Chi during pregnancy. When she came into the world with a caesarean section, little Erin weighed 3.84 kg. La Ponce, who for business reasons divides herself between Miami and Mexico, decided to give birth in a clinic in Rosario, Argentina, near her hometown, Capitán Bermúdez.

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