Long hair: cuts and hairstyles for S / S 2014

Long hair: cuts and hairstyles for S / S 2014

Long hair, cuts and hairstyles for S / S 2014

Long hair, what a passion. If the short – great seasonal trend – is not for you, rest assured: the spring / summer 2014 collections do not fail to provide interesting ideas for those who do not want to cut their hair. In case your hair has not yet reached the desired length, here are some tips to make your hair grow faster. But let's see together what are the proposals for the summer.

James Hair Fashion Club focuses on an ultra-feminine and intriguing look. The wavy lines on the tips, the short locks above the forehead and the gaze kept hidden, are the characteristic features of the feminine mood, put together in a brave hairstyle. Accomplice is the most classic of the brushes that draws this energetic look. There are also seeds collected with a disheveled effect created ad hoc, for a neo-romantic image devoid of technical conventions, to leave the imagination and naturalness of the hair free.

Mitù is inspired by a woman who vibrates with chic and precious sobriety, refinement, discreet charm, classic but modern and current. The Mitù woman, the undisputed protagonist of her time, entrusts her identity to the hair, sculpted by lines of refined simplicity, soft and full shapes, enveloping silhouettes and spontaneous movements modeled by deliberately natural or studied and impeccable styling. There is no lack of retro-futuristic reminiscences for a style imbued with sex appeal. An image, synthesis of the thousand faces of the woman who chooses it, expression of elegance, glamor, distinction and preciousness in which natural côté is given by the extreme brightness that enhances shapes, textures, movements.

Campaign, The Club education collection by Tony & Guy, is inspired by London: his woman is a sophisticated lady to the bad girl. Modernity but there is no lack of a look at the past, the 1940s. Veronica Lake's legendary peekaboo returns to the contemporary metropolis to enhance each woman's beauty with a new sensuality, making her become a Hollywood style icon. An eternal glamor beauty, always renewed over time.

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