Long hair: original hairstyles for hair that do not go unnoticed

Long hair: original hairstyles for hair that do not go unnoticed

Christmas and New Year: hairstyles, cuts, accessories

The look created by Mauro Galzignato and his Team RockandRollHair is scratchy, basic and at the same time of great impact. The icon is a wild & chic cosmopolitan woman, who draws inspiration from the trends of the fashion capitals, Milan, New York, Paris, London. Wonderful bad girls decidedly over the top and brave, a little rebellious and a little femmes fatales, who with their hairstyles reveal a captivating allure in which the encounter between a tomboy style blends superbly with a hyper feminine style. The hair is gritty "slapped", only apparently uncared for.

The collection created by Mauro Situra artistic testimonial of the Go Coppola brand is inspired by pop. Geometric shapes, graphic lines with a great visual impact impose themselves as avant-garde pure in look, with well-marked lines and details made just to be noticed. They become an important means of being able to express oneself and to better define one's individuality. Situra reinterprets the woman with clear and decisive lines. The unthreaded hair gives way to accentuated and dried volumes with a smooth rock effect. Color also follows these new forms.

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