Long winter skirt: look ideas

Long winter skirt: look ideas

The long skirt is not just a summer garment: it is also great for winter, if combined in the right way!

The long skirt is an extremely versatile garment that should not be relegated only to the summer period. With the appropriate measures of heaviness and color, it can be worn easily even in winter and indeed, it is a garment that allows for truly stylish looks. Let's see some ideas together.

Long winter skirt: look ideas

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Long winter skirt: metal

In the metallic version I like it very much. You can combine it ton sur ton, so with the range of grays if you choose silver or yellow and ocher if you prefer gold. Personally, I believe the contrast color also works well. Try, for example, the bright tones of pink on silver or blue on gold: you will see what a beautiful effect!

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Long winter skirt: white

Who said white can't be worn? Wear it maybe by blunting it with darker tones such as black, dark green or gray. I recommend you: liven up everything by adding a touch of color, perhaps with accessories.

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Long winter skirt: ton sur ton version

Shades of beige, gray, blue, but also blue, brown or burgundy: I ​​personally like ton sur ton a lot. It helps to give chromatic continuity to the figure, which is good if you want to lengthen it or make it more tapered. The only thing I recommend: disconnect with something, perhaps with an accessory, to break the monotony.

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Long winter skirt: pleated

If you like the genre, you can adopt it in a classic way, so with the classic long pleated skirt, or revisit it with skirts with colored inserts, which you can then take up with other details of your look. Watch out for outerwear: avoid mid-thigh lengths, unless you wear them open. Long ankle lengths or short waist lengths are better to balance the figure.

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