Look over 40 in the office: here’s what to wear to always be chic!

Do you want a chic look for you who are over 40 suitable for days in the office but don’t know where to start? You are on the right style guide! Find out here on CheDonna how to create the best outfits that enhance your physicality!

There are no barriers in fashion! If there is a real rule in fashion it is this, and it says that tall we can wear what we like best and that makes us feel at ease. But when it comes to the workplace, we can’t wear everything we want. We must be elegant, formal, without ever forgetting fashion. And how to create a look that encompasses these characteristics? Let’s find out together!

Look over 40

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We can clearly say that we all spend most of our day at work. And once out of the office we are often full of commitments that we hardly spend at home changing our look. For this reason cwhat we wear in the morning to go to work is very important, because it will be the look we will wear all day and that it must make us feel comfortable and beautiful!

However, this is often not the case, especially in view of the cold seasons. Every morning we choose the look to wear thinking about the practicality of this, and we put aside the fashion side!

Big mistake! We must always feel at the top with the outfits we wear. So these have to be practical, of course, but also in step with trends!

How to do? For example, how to create perfect looks for us over 40 to wear for the office? S.let’s cover it together!

Look over 40: in the office or in the city you can’t help but wear these super chic outfits!

The secret to achieving a perfect look is to always mix styles. Never too classic or too sporty garments in a single outfit. Always try to use garments of different styles to form a trendy and unique look!

Look over 40

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see what looks should we wear to be chic in the office:

  • jacket and wide jeans: the jacket is by far the most comfortable and elegant garment that exists. But if combined with soft jeans, our jacket will take on a sportier and less classic connotation. Finish off the total look with a solid color t-shirt and a moccasin. Super trendy!
  • one-color suit: jacket and trousers in a single color, but in fashion shades! Choose tones such as powder blue or cream, matched under a white shirt and sneakers. You will be elegant but in step with the trends! By the way, do your outfits bore you? Transform them like this and make them special!

Look over 40

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Now that you know all the secrets of fashion, all you have to do is create your unique and super trendy look! You will be beautiful!