Loredana Lecciso confesses on Al Bano: "Something magical among us"

Loredana Lecciso confesses on Al Bano: "Something magical among us"

Loredana Lecciso tells the relationship with Al Bano Carrisi: Romina Power is far away

Loredana Lecciso confesses to Al Bano and reveals: "Between us there is something magical". The Apulian showgirl told the weekly Nuovo how she is spending these weeks in the company of the singer on the Cellino San Marco estate. Together with them there are also their two children, Jasmine and Bido, the fruit of their love.

A bond, that between Loredana and Al Bano, which for a long time has been at the center of gossip. Lecciso stole the singer's heart after her divorce from Romina Power. They were tied for about ten years until the return of their ex-wife who brought about new changes in the family. Today, after some small tension, the two are more connected than ever.

A beautiful relationship that has consolidated in recent weeks. In fact, Loredana moved to Cellino San Marco with her children and is spending a lot of time in the company of Al Bano. "There is something magical between us – he confessed to the weekly Nuovo -. Before everyone was busy with their commitments, now the time for lunch is sacred, we gather at the table and we tell each other everything ".

The showgirl then said that over time the relationship with Al Bano has improved more and more. "Before I was more impulsive – she said -, now I try to rationalize things and I feel more peaceful than in the past […] Now I enjoy moments of happiness with him – he added, revealing that there are almost never quarrels -. We talk and tell each other many things, but it is also nice to be silent together. I'm starting to worry, it means we're really getting old. "

Now that Al Bano and Loredana are more serene, the only knot to be resolved remains the relationship with Romina who has always been quite stormy. Some time ago it was Carrisi himself who intervened to ask the two most important women in his life to make up.

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