Loredana Lecciso, red bikini on Instagram. In the pool it is a delight

Loredana Lecciso, red bikini on Instagram. In the pool it is a delight

The companion of Carrisi, archived a summer full of special moments, appears in amazing shape

The (incredible) transformation of Loredana Lecciso: from yesterday to today

For Loredana Lecciso, what is ending was a special summer season, spent with Al Bano and the closest loved ones (the couple welcomed several friends at the singer's Apulian estate, from Bocelli to Simona Ventura).

Loredana Lecciso is experiencing a wonderful moment also with regards to the relationship with her daughter Jasmine, born in 2001 from her relationship with the singer from Cellino. The young woman has decided to follow the path of music and has recently released her first single, the rap Ego (Loredana, as a proud mother, has published several clips of the video on her Instagram profile).

The splendid 48-year-old – who made them last August 26 – has decided to 'greet' the highlight of the summer by posting a photo on Instagram that portrays her while, wearing a very sensual red bikini, she emerges from the waters of the swimming pool of the Al Bano estates .

Loose hair on her shoulders and gaze towards the water, Loredana Lecciso is immortalized as she climbs the ladder to access the pool itself. The shot, as is also clear from the hashtags chosen by Carrisi's partner, 'stops' a moment of relaxation in September, the month in which we all say goodbye to the summer season and start a new year of commitments.

The photo published by Loredana Lecciso was greeted by numerous likes and comments. Among these, the appreciation of her friend Simona Ventura stands out – who, as mentioned above, was a guest at the Al Bano estates – but also the "beautiful" by Monica Leofreddi.

Many fans who have nothing to do with the world of entertainment came to congratulate Cellino's partner from the uvula, who noticed the perfection of his physique.

There is no denying: Loredana Lecciso is in really great shape! After the summer that is about to end, another special period could open for the beautiful Lecce, mother of three children. The weekly Nuovo has in fact talked about the long-awaited peace between her and Romina Power.

On the pages of the magazine, there is talk of a dinner that Carrisi would have organized with his partner, ex-wife, son Yari and his partner, the performer Thea Crudi. On this occasion, Power allegedly gave her "blessing" to the wedding between Al Bano and the woman who, with ups and downs, has been with him for more than twenty years.


Loredana Lecciso – Source: Instagram @loredanalecciso_

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