Lorella Boccia, record closure for Venus Club with the maxi white suit

Lorella Boccia at Venus Club, the blazer look is a challenge to Elisa Isoardi

Lorella Boccia triumphs in the latest episode of "Venus Club" and her white silk trouser suit is amazing

Lorella Boccia, the looks at "Venus Club"

Lorella Boccia ends with a flourish with her show, Venus Club, with record ratings. And she is sporting yet another breathtaking look, a white suit with a maxi volume that winks at the seventies.

The last episode of Venus Club was aired in the late evening on Italia Uno on Thursday 10 June and won the audience by achieving superlative results. Lorella Boccia therefore flies totaling the highest average of the season in absolute values, approaching almost 600,000 spectators on the total audience. The former Amici dancer likes her new role as presenter and above all has captured the attention of an audience of young people between 15 and 34 years old.

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Despite strong competition from the range, Lorella Boccia has been able to establish herself with her skill and elegance. Of course, they helped make Venus Club a success for her guests. For the last episode of the season he invited the legendary Iva Zanicchi and Mara Maionchi who talked about themselves in a profound and lively way, even putting themselves on the line with unexpected questions.

During the six episodes, Boccia had special guests such as Alessandra Amoroso, Anna Tatangelo and Elisa Isoardi who challenged the beautiful Lorella Boccia, now pregnant, in terms of looks. And also for the final episode, the presenter lived up to expectations.

To welcome two icons of music such as Zanicchi and Maionchi, Lorella wore an oversized white silk trouser suit with double-breasted jacket and black details on the collar and on one pocket and extra long, flared trousers, which they are inspired by the style of the legendary 70s, a tribute to its guests who made the atmosphere of Venus Club sparkling with really hilarious stories and unpublished anecdotes, even about toilet paper, a special gift received during one of the many tours abroad . And with her that time there was also Gianni Morandi.

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Lorella Boccia with Mara Maionchi and Iva Zanicchi

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